Bramcote Unity Park

Councillor Hannah Land : On Friday 19th July, I went with Councillor David Watts & his wife to the consultation event at Wollaton library.  The website for the park is now live where you can see the plans.  As Councillors, we are interested to hear the views of local people on this project & will be happy to feedback your views anonymously to the council & the developers.  It’s an ambitious project.  

In no way am I endorsing the project.  It’s vital that local people express their views. 

The park will be funded through the building and sale of 11 properties on the outskirts of the park. 2 properties are on the Bramcote side of the park with the remaining 9 on the Wollaton boundary.  Planning applications have been submitted to the city and borough council planning team.




  1. An impressive plan. My questions are: can we see the ‘expert’s’ report done on the flora and fauna of the area? I know there are badgers on the private land and yet was told there are none. How can we be sure tree planting is appropriate for the area and not planted on grassland for instance? Who will be responsible for the ‘publicly owned’ sections, currently Broxtowe and the CC. Will they get paid to offload their responsibilities for the Nature Reserve section? Who will look after things like the bee hives? They cannot look after themselves. Who will ensure motor bikes don’t start to use these paths again and where are the fire risk precautions? We have had several fires over the years and there is no water – a few ponds won’t be enough. I would like to see published accounts if it is to be publicly owned and a board of trustees to monitor the funds.


  2. Omg I am so excited by this project – to have the knot weed under control and designated areas to walk will be amazing for us all. The bees excite me so much we’ve all seen the bee movie and what they do for our environment! I hope I can buy some honey! I can’t see anything negative about this, more money for the council and services and it’s likely to add value to all our surrounding properties! Our family can’t wait !!!


  3. We attended the meeting at the library whilst We am very jealous of the luxurious properties We know it’s the right thing for bramcote and the community. We currently have what looks like a jungle to have this maintained and under control is brilliant. We think the defibrillator is a great idea and we are very privileged to have access to this sort of equipment. Although they are large properties they are sat in a large amount of land and won’t be overbearing We can’t believe that a developer would be that generous as if it was a large builder I’m sure there would be 30 house on there.


  4. The Ridge is designated as a Grade II SINC, (Site Important for Nature Conservation), and an ‘Area of Restricted Development’. We must not let this fact be overlooked or ‘forgotten’ when it comes to planning what to do with the land. And this precisely why it (11 acres) was sold for £200k only a couple of years ago other wise the price would have been £3 to £4 millions.

    Development would mean trees being cut down— leading to a tragic loss of habitat for countless birds and other local wildlife. A loss of mature trees cannot be simply remedied.
    Development would lead to increased noise and increased pollution (both while houses are being built and also once they have been purchased).
    Development means we will lose this Beautiful, Wild, Natural green space— Forever.


    1. I absolutely agree. Dead trees are part of the need for a balanced ecosystem so to devastate this area and plant new trees is senseless. During lockdown it has provided a valuable place for children and parents at home. They have built dens from fallen branches and enjoyed exploring. We now know just how important woodland is for mental health too.
      Please don’t give in to greedy developers who just want to make more money from luxury (not affordable) houses. There is no excuse.


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