News from Anna Soubry MP – 18 July 2019

Hello again,
This week’s email newsletter is earlier than normal because I will be in court on Friday giving evidence in a trial in London. It follows a series of incidents I was involved in outside Parliament.
This afternoon, Parliament voted to sit and work as we normally do in September and October. The effect of the vote will be that the next Prime Minister (widely tipped to be Boris Johnson) cannot force a No Deal Brexit on the country by excluding Parliament. Boris Johnson has refused to rule out proroguing Parliament in order to deliver “no deal” and I am very pleased that we came together from all parties to make sure that we are here in the autumn to represent all our constituents.
Finally, thanks are due to all the volunteers who made the Beeston Carnival and Parade a success, I was particularly pleased to bump in to the Oxjam crew and there’s more on a special appeal from them below.
As ever,  Anna

Owen Jenkins’ legacy

On Tuesday Nottinghamshire County Council hosted a water safety awareness event at County Hall in memory of Beeston Rylands’ Owen Jenkins, who tragically drowned at Beeston Weir in July 2017 whilst saving two friends.

The event was part of the OWEN Network which was set up to teach children about water safety following Owen’s death and you can find out more on their website here. It is so important we make sure our youngsters know the dangers open water can pose and how to act in an emergency. This excellent campaign is a fine tribute to Owen and his family.

The Chetwynd, Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Forum

The Chetwynd, Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Forum have just released their neighbourhood plan for consultation. This is the culmination of years of hardwork – congratulations to everyone involved, especially Richard Hutchinson and Graham Heal who have done an excellent job whilst giving up their own time to run the Forum. The proposed plan is particularly important as it includes the Chetwynd Barracks site which will provide up to 1500 houses once the Army leave in 2021. The plan also includes economic growth around the planned HS2 East Midlands Hub Station at Toton Sidings as well as vitally important proposals to improve the local environment for everyone.  The consultation closes on the 20th September and you can read the full version of the plan and comment on it at the Neighbourhood Forum’s website here.

Nuthall Horse Fair

I am very pleased that Broxtowe Borough Council has taken a responsible approach to the planned Horse Fair in Nuthall next weekend. In a recent statement Labour leader Cllr Milan Radulovic MBE and Lib Dem deputy leader, Cllr Steve Carr, said they will “work with the organisers to ensure the event runs smoothly and safely”.

In these matters it is important for elected representatives not to inflame the situation but to act in a responsible manner.

You Pies!

I’ve been a season ticket holder at Notts County football club for a number of seasons, so was particularly saddened at their relegation from the Football League last season. Britain’s oldest League Club (or rather it was) is also in profound financial difficulty owing £800,000 in unpaid tax with staff and players unpaid for a number of weeks. Recent court proceedings have given County three weeks to find a buyer or face financial ruin. The Club’s current owner has been looking for a buyer for months and there is real concern about the management of the Magpies in recent years. Yesterday, the Club’s MP Lilian Greenwood raised those concerns in Parliament. Today I initiated a meeting with Lilian and other local MPs to discuss how we can help the survival of Notts County. I will keep you updated but if you would like to help in any way then please email me.

Volunteers Needed for Oxjam Takeover

I was delighted to catch up with Oxjam at this year’s Beeston Carnival. They are looking for volunteers to help with the Takeover Event on Saturday 19th October. This extremely popular multi-venue music festival has raised over £100,000 for Oxfam since it started in 2011. Oxjam need volunteers to help with the organisation and co-ordination of the event, and also to undertake duties during the festival. A variety of voluntary roles are available, if you would like to get involved, please click here or email

Broadband issues in Cossall

Cossall Parish Council have contacted me to say BT’s broadband speeds to residents’ homes and businesses, particularly those off Coronation Road, are poor. Like the majority of Broxtowe, Cossall is supposed to have superfast broadband and I will take this issue up with BT.


  1. So Anna’s e-letter is a day early because she was in court, giving evidence, following abusive incidents early this year. Broxtowe’s other MP, Gloria De Piero, has resigned as Shadow Justice Minister and is not standing at the next General Election because, according to the press, receiving online abuse from those who will not accept her political stance and views.

    In view of the above, and having no response from a post I put on last week, I repost a question to Bramcote Lib-Dem Councillors.

    Please could you explain to Bramcote residents about a photograph that is being circulated around social media.
    The photograph shows a group of Conservative Councillors and supporters; some holding children. Being on social media, the photograph has attracted various comments, with one being attributed to a Bramcote Councillor.

    The quote reads (screen shot available): ‘Just think what a well placed lightning bolt could have done!’

    Is wishing a death sentence on anybody, that doesn’t hold a same view, the correct course of action? It’s neither liberal or democratic.


  2. We see in today’s newspapers that Change UK, or whatever the latest name is, has sacked all but one of their staff, after total failure at the EU election.
    By contrast, the Brexit Party is now the largest party in the EU Parliament.
    Anna, you have been rejected and wrecked your political career. Please take the honourable course, and let the people of this constituency have their voices heard, by calling a by-election.


    1. Howard, Anna is still acting as an MP and quite correctly doing her job. In case you do not understand an MP is there primarily to serve their constituents and not the party that puts him/her up as a candidate. If you think that I am wrong listen to ALL the acceptance/victory speeches, everyone of them states that they will work and represent all of their constituents irrespective of political persuasion.

      I’m also aware that some of them have longer noses once they have spoken than before.

      I’m sure Howard that should/when Anna applies to rejoin the conservative party, or even ‘cross the floor’ as an MP, you will welcome her back with open arms.


  3. Sarah, I read your earlier post and accusation, in disbelief, and dismissed your comments since you did not reprint the specific media detail quote on which you attribute the remarks to a Bramcote Councillor. Quite sure if you are able to do so my L D friends will respond accordingly..


  4. Hi Sarah

    Do you have a copy of this? I have not seen it myself and it sounds quite shocking.

    David Watts, care to comment ?


  5. Hi Martin & Sally,

    Thank you for your responses.

    Martin, I did put the quote in quotation marks and it was word for word. I’ve tried copying and pasting the actual entry but it appears this cannot be done.

    Sally, I have a screen shot of the comment and, after following back a paper trail of who shared with who, it appears that the photograph was originally published by Nottinghamshire Conservatives.

    Quite rightly, the Lib-Dems publicly supported Ms Anna Soubry when she was being abused over her views, but, it seems acceptable to wish a death sentence on those who are Conservative, and because of the photograph’s message, Leave supporters.

    Sally, you have thrown down the gauntlet to Cllr Watts. Let’s see if there is a response.


    1. Hi Sarah

      I still can’t see it I’m afraid, the comment must have been deleted !

      Could you upload the screenshot here and post the link.

      You don’t need to log in or provide details to upload it so you don’t need to share any personal details with us.


    2. Well I think it was quite clear that this was a humorous comment and nowhere does it suggest harming, let alone killing, anyone. Nevertheless if anyone was really caused offence, as opposed to the faux outrage from the usual suspects, then of course I apologise. It’s more likely though that this is a display of unprincipled mud slinging.


      1. Agreed, Councillor Watts.
        I can’t believe we now have to be so circumspect about humour, sarcasm, etc.
        Similarly, whilst (Conservative) Broxtowe & County Councillor Philip Owen suggests ‘travellers’ descending on Nuthall are akin to a plague, those who criticise him for the comment have clearly never been on the blunt end of the problems caused by such groups of people.
        I believe the current term for such people is ‘snowflake’? It’s summer, snowflakes need to melt.


      2. I don’t know how old you are Rich Hartman but I have watched over the years with disbelief and horror at the silliness of people complaining about comments heard, read or seen about something or other. Strikes me that the ‘snowflake’ generation want to ban anything and everything that they don’t agree with, or even cannot attain.

        Certain things are completely wrong eg those issuing from the Orange one in Gilead about 4 ladies, but its getting to the point that I cannot refer to my G’kids by pet names given to them by me, without a stranger complaining or being ‘offended’.


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