Bramcote Leisure Centre Still Fabulous In Its 50s

Broxtowe Borough Council Press Release 18/07/2019 – New investment and community activities at Bramcote Leisure Centre are keeping it fabulous at 50+, with more visitors than ever before.
The centre, which is now 53 years old, remains a vibrant hub of the community and investment in its health and fitness facilities is now attracting more and more people to become regular users with almost 200,000 visitors in the last three months alone.

Recent investment and activities has included:

Launched the world renowned Les Mills Virtual fitness classes to accompany the existing varied programme of over 100 fitness classes each week
Creation of a fourth fitness studio
New spa area with Sauna, Steam and Aromatherapy Room, as well as a spa pool
MyWellness interactive Technogym fitness equipment which allows customers to create bespoke training plans and track progress remotely through the interactive App.
2,300 young people took part in water safety skills training to mark Drowning Prevention Week last month
In partnership with Swim England, Bramcote Swimming Club and Swim School has created opportunities for talented young swimmers to develop their swimming into the competitive arena – over the last six months 22 young people have completed the Talent ID scheme.
Training for volunteers who want to improve their skills which may see them undertake a career in leisure
Bramcote Leisure Centre has also remained committed to supporting young people to live healthier lifestyles and learn important skills like swimming. The swim school is the largest is the largest single site swim school in the East Midlands, providing swimming lessons to more than 2,300 people each week, alongside a packed programme of fun summer holiday sessions, free swimming for juniors in the summer holidays and for those with disabilities.

“Bramcote Leisure Centre is such an important part of the local community and it’s absolutely fantastic to see that its still thriving after all these years. Forward thinking and embracing the changing way that people like to keep active have been vital in its success, all whilst maintaining its focus of helping local people live active, healthy lives” said Councillor Ian Tyler, Chair of the Leisure and Health Committee.

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  1. This is great reading for those of us living in Bramcote, but I’m still uneasy about the future of our leisure centre and the political/planning conundrums that are being played out.

    Our Lib-Dem councillors have assured us on this forum that there are now no plans to relocate the leisure centre and that they support the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum’s ideas of re-building (possibly on the old Park School site) using surplus monies from the sale of the Coventry Lane playing fields.

    However, the Chetwynd, Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Forum has recently published its Plan for Comment. I note with interest that one of their policies (LHC06) states ………. “Building the new South Broxtowe Leisure Centre in the area – ideally next to a new George Spencer Academy – is strongly encouraged.”

    Game still on?


    1. No reason why an enlarged George Spencer academy building with funds to relocate to make way for HS2 should not pay for its own leisure centre.

      Broxtowe’s southern leisure centre is well located in Bramcote and easily accessible. It sits within rather than the margins of Broxtowe and serves many Broxtowe residents in Beeston, Stapleford, Bramcote and beyond.

      Traffic congestions around the Bardills roundabout will be bad enough without adding to it by folks trying to reach a facility on the margins of our council area.

      So, yes – all to play for.


    2. Hi Richard, yes we are committed to keeping the leisure centre in Bramcote. I don’t personally agree with moving it to the old school site. It currently gets a lot of business from people who pass it and see it on the A52. If we moved it away from the road there is a danger that would be lost. I have told the chair of the Chetwynd Neighbourhood Forum that we have no intention of moving the leisure centre and I personally think they significantly overreached their remit with that comment. It is Bramcote Leisure Centre and it will stay as Bramcote Leisure Centre. No ifs, no buts, no maybes.


      1. Again delighted at David’s firm committment to keep the Leisure Centre in Bramcote and look forward to seeing plans for any new build in the Ward.


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