Bramcote Ridge – 39 acre parkland proposed – land and £1m to be donated to public

Emilie Whelan reports: The proposals for the park, on the border of Wollaton and Bramcote, would see over seven acres gifted to the community and £1m invested by landowners, to allow the joining up of existing green spaces in the area and the creation of a 39 acre community-run woodland park in the midst of the city.

This is believed to be the only example of land and £1m being donated to the community in Nottingham, so is a unique proposal.

The creation of a 39 acre parkland in the heart of Nottingham is being put forward – the last large scale open space in the city.

The currently vacant site, on Bramcote Ridge off Thoresby Road, would be transformed into a fully-managed green space, with 1,072 oak trees planted, wetland ponds, wildlife corridor, community beehive and 1.5 km of pathways created to form part of a new wider 5.2km circuit stretching across three existing green spaces – the Deddington Plantation and the Alexandrina Plantation and Sandy Lane local nature reserves. 

Proposed facilities for community use within Bramcote Unity Park include a children’s adventure playground, bird viewing platforms, sculptures, benches, and defibrillator point, as well as car parking and easy access landscaping.

Eleven low carbon, energy efficient, high-quality designed homes will also be built next to the adjacent existing residential dwellings. 

The proposals see the creation of a new Charitable organisation, made up of a board of directors (including local residents), to make decisions on the management of the park, and manage the provision of significant funds for the space’s future maintenance.

A public “drop-in’ consultation event is being held on Friday 19th July where full details of the proposed parkland space will be available to view.

Mr Rutherford, who is submitting the proposals for planning approval said:

“This site is the final piece of unused open space land in Nottingham, and these proposals offer an exciting opportunity to create the last, large-scale open space project available within the city. By donating this site, we are able to bring the missing piece of the jigsaw and link the existing Deddington Plantation, Alexandrina Plantation and Sandy Lane nature reserve, to create this unique green space.

“Our plans for Bramcote Unity Park will offer not only significant ecological benefits for the city, including much-needed beehives and over 1,072 new trees, but provide the community with outstanding facilities to actively enjoy this impressive green space. 

“Across an expansive 39 acres of green space, over 5.2km of nature trails and pathways will be linked, and supported with considered landscaping to create a woodland park that’s accessible for all.

“By donating this final parcel of land, and investing over £1m into the park’s creation and ongoing maintenance, we are ensuring that vital green space is opened up to, and preserved for, the community in perpetuity.

“We look forward to welcoming residents to our upcoming public presentation event, and talking to the community about the exciting proposals for the area.”

For more information on Bramcote Unity Park, please visit A public “drop-in’ consultation event will be held at Wollaton Library on Friday 19th July, 9.30am – 5.30pm. 


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