Weeds on Pavements and Gutters

Graham Taylor writes: Yet another summer goes by with No action on the weeds in the gutters and on pavements . Balmoral Drive and Arundle Drive havent seen any Council action for year.

The whole estate is a mess.
Would any councillor like to comment?

Editor: This applies to to the whole of Bramcote Hills and Bramcote Moor. Any spraying this year has been ineffective.


  1. In view of the cuts the Council have had to cope with and considering that we are being urged to leave as many flowers as possible for pollenating insects, not to mention avoiding using pesticides, maybe we should try and see the good side of the “mess” and rejoice in the beauty of the flowers.


    1. Not to the extent of blocked gutters, a possible cause of flooding into the road/pavement, and plants growing in the gaps and cracks of pavements that can be hazardous to peoples safety.


  2. We’re just getting on top of the utter shambles that the Tories left us. This is one of the jobs that we are tackling. We will hopefully be able to report some progress at the next CAT Meeting.


    1. Hi David,

      If you are ‘getting on top’, in just 11 weeks of being elected, then there wasn’t much of a shambles to climb.

      On another note, please could you explain to Bramcote residents about a photograph that is being circulated around social media. The photogrpah shows a group of Conservative Councillors and supporters, some holding children.

      Being on social media, the photograph has attracted various comments, with one being attributed to a Bramcote Councillor.

      The quote reads (screen shot available): ‘Just think what a well placed lightning bolt could have done!’

      Is wishing a death sentence on anybody, that doesn’t hold a same view, the correct course of action? It’s neither liberal or democratic.


  3. Having councils use taxpayers’ money to spread cancer causing chemicals is not ideal. Providing they take appropriate care is there anything to stop local residents from pulling up the weeds?


    1. For once I agree with you. We should all take responsibility for the area outside our homes.
      I find a good alternative to weedkiller is boiling water followed by salt.


      1. May I suggest Joan and Howard that ‘hand weeding ‘ is the ideal way. It’s environmentally of benefit and is a healthy way of helping to keep you fit.


  4. How very sad that David Politicises the problem rather than discuss with the Council’s Environment Director immediately to ascertain the current position.
    Quite sure a response would be offered by the Department to publish on Bramcote Today within 24 hours. To my knowledge the contract is for a twice yearly application during the growing season and in my experience any specific reported problems raised by residents to me personally were acted upon soonest


    1. I agree with your comment Martin about the politicising of comments. Similarly I had to look twice at your “Title” as at first glance I thought that you were still a councillor. Perhaps you ought to drop the ‘formerly’ bit.


    2. Martin, I doubt whether you ever discussed issues such as this with the Environment Director over a weekend. You seem to be quite happy telling both Hannah and I on here what we should and should not be doing. This is most unlike the you that I know and have always got on with, and makes me wonder whether someone else has been posting in your name. The state of pavements/verges/gutters is something that a number of residents have raised concerns about and it seems that the levels of treatment and/or areas of treatment over the past few years have been inadequate. We are now looking at what can be done to tackle this, but I agree with others that harmful pesticides are to be avoided.


  5. Hi David,
    In response to residents issues raised with me on a Saturday or Sunday I would regularly e-mail both Borough and County Officers over a weekend. for an early Monday am reply.
    You are correct the level of service from weed control Contractors has been/is still poor which I reported and discussed with the Environment Head of Service on a number of occasions. He as you well know travels through Bramcote on a regular basis and was very well aware of this indifferent service changing Contactor for this years applications
    I was certainly not or would dream of telling you what to do but my comments were a justified reaction to your ‘utter shambles ‘ political post. An unwarranted comment, taken personally, on the previous administrations Environment leadership Team of which I was a diligent and hard working member.

    Really good that you are looking again at what can be done to improve this important service without if possible not using chemicals. Look forward to your proposals/solution

    Good wishes,



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