The Future of Bramcote Leisure Centre

Martin Plackett writes: I am given to understand that ‘ all,options are on the table’ with regard to the future of Leisure Services in Broxtowe, including our much loved and well used Bramcote Leisure Centre?

One of our new Ward Councillors is quoted as saying on the ‘Beeston Updated’ web site it is her wish to retain a Centre in Bramcote.   A positive sentiment that I and I’m quite sure one shared by Ward residents but then goes goes on to say ‘it may be relocated’    Where is she suggesting? 

At my instigation a  structural survey, now I believe in Councillors possession was commissioned to see if by extensive repair/maintenance it might be possible to give an extended life to the Bramcote Centre.

Whilst The Council have clearly indicated they are to review their overall strategy I would ask our Ward Councillors to offer their thoughts on the structural survey and look to personally fully commit at this early stage to the retention of a Leisure Facility in Bramcote.

Martin Plackett


  1. Come on Martin. Stop stirring. This is what your party did next door in the Stapleford by-election on this subject and it back fired big time.

    As you will know, I am now the council’s deputy leader and I can tell you that there are no plans from the new administration to move the leisure centre from its present location. It would be helpful if your party at County Hall agreed to allocate any surplus moneys from the building of houses on previous green belt to part fund a replacement leisure centre.

    Of course, what you fail to tell us is that your party leadership were considering the possibility of moving the centre near to the new HS2 station in Toton. For the LibDems that would be unacceptable.


  2. Steve

    Misfired? Tories held their vote in Stapleford but as Lib Dems had made up from their previous petty squabble which led to the Stapleford Alliance you regained the vote you had previously lost to them.

    That’s the thing with Lib Dems, twisting the truth is never far away!


  3. Sally Brearley appears to be overlooking the very obvious fact that the Tories lost two seats that they held in Stapleford, despite them telling people throughout the campaign that they were going to win comfortably.

    Maybe she would like to distract from how inaccurate the original story is. Despite the Conservatives having looked favourably at moving the leisure centre to a new development at Bramcote this won’t now happen. What we will look at is, if necessary, building a new centre next to the old one but it won’t be leaving Bramcote. I was hoping that the Tories would take a positive approach to opposition but it seems not.


  4. Thank you Steve for your prompt comment. For my part no ‘stirring’ just very keen to establish if the new Bramcote Councillors views differed from my own on the future of our Leisure Centre.

    I am delighted that they and yourself are committing yourselves to retain the Leisure facility in Bramcote. As you know I was personally fully committed too ensuring the Centre remained in the Ward and at no time was the possibility of a Toton replacement site ever discussed.

    I would again reiterate it was at my instigation that a Bramcote Leisure Centre structural survey was undertaken to possibly extend its life and I look forward to hearing its recommendations and the Councils decision/s going forward.

    In addition to a new school build I was very keen for a further ‘pay back’ and again instigated discussions between the Councils which I trust are on going to take forward the possibility of any fund availability.

    Good Wishes



  5. My post on Beeston Updated was shared to dispel the myth that the leisure centre is closing. A myth that been circulating on various local forums. As you say Martin – you requested a structural survey and that is underway. Along with a review of leisure services in the borough. We don’t have anything to hide and I think most people can see Bramcote leisure centre will need serious refurbishment in the not so distant future. It makes sense to look at the various options available including use of alternative locations.


  6. It has been good for folk to read the various comments following my original post.

    I again welcome Bramcote Councillors commitment to retaining a Leisure Centre in the Ward, Despite some slight ambiguity ‘building a new Centre next to the old one’ and ‘to look at the various options available including use of alternative locations’ as quoted by two of our representatives it is now right and proper to await the outcome of the just commissioned Leisure Services Survey.
    However it would be good to put into the public domain the results of the structural survey of the Bramcote Centre now complete and with Councillors. I would trust the Chair of the Leisure and Health Committee will undertake to publish its findings and undertake to consult with our Neighbourhood Forum when the Leisure Services Survey is published before any decisions are made at Council.
    Thank you again Councillors for your commitment to a Bramcote Leisure Centre which I also personally commit to fully support for what I believe is in the best interests of residents.


  7. When the newly formed leisure and health committee meets we will look at circulating the report. The Stapleford by election has meant some delays and changes to the committees. This combined with the summer recess in August means the committee won’t be meeting until September. That gives plenty of time for councillors to study the report and formulate a sensible response rather than scare mongering and making rash decisions. The minutes for the last leisure committee meeting in June are available on the council website.


  8. Thank you Hannah for your update and confirmation that the Bramcote Leisure Centre Structural Survey Report has been published and is available for Councillors to read and digest.

    I trust from your observation that there is nothing ‘scary’ in its findings in particular from a safety perspective? It would be good to have your reassurance.

    Bramcote residents will be interested to read its contents and the Council’s recommendations in September as you have promised.

    Good wishes,



  9. Hannah
    Await your prompt personal response please to your ascertain that the structural survey could warrant ‘scare mongering’ Trusting that there are no serious safety issues in the report in your possession.


  10. Mr Plackett

    I find your exchange with Cllr Land curious. Do you seriously think that Liberty Leisure staff and the Chief Executive would allow members of the public into the building if they were at risk? I would you like to answer that question as a former councillor.

    Members of your party attended the Leisure & Environment Committee on 12th June and would have read the following. “It should be noted that issues highlighted as requiring immediate attention on safety grounds in the report have now been attended to or were already in the process of being attended to at the time of the survey.”

    I cannot begin to guess at your motivation for your constant questions and statements on this issue as the report and immediate remedial issues were dealt with by the Conservatives before they lost the election. You were a member of that administration until you lost your seat.

    This constant drip feeding of accusations and questions about facts that in the public domain are very unhelpful. There are enough rumours flying around concerning the future of the centre without further concern and doubts being put into people’s minds by yourself.

    We will ensure that what needs to be done is done to secure a long term future for the leisure centre at Bramcote.


  11. Thank you Steve for your reassuring response. For my part no accusations whatsoever were made or intended it was Hannah suggestions of possible ‘scare mongering’ post the publication of the survey that prompted me to ask what was a legitimate question.
    I believe we are all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ wanting to ensure Bramcote retains its Leisure Centre. long may that be the case

    Enjoy the cricket!



  12. Do people remember that prior to the last local elections an internal party investigation within the Conservatives found a Bramcote councillor guilty of bullying a female colleague? Now we find that the local Tories seem to be targeting Cllr Hannah Land. Is this more of the same behaviour?


  13. A quite dreadful smear, unfounded and false accusation David.
    As I said earlier I was very happy to be reassured by Steve that there is nothing in the Survey, which I and other members of the public have of course not seen which might be interpreted as suggested by Hannah might be ‘scare mongering’
    However those perhaps unwise choice of words which led to my legitimate question in no way could be interpreted as ‘bullying’

    I would hope my continued support for the rentention of a Leisure Centre In Bramcote would be welcomed by you and current Councillors and we can all work collegiately in all forums to that end.

    Good wishes,



  14. I’m sorry Martin. I didn’t realise when I got elected that I was to be at your beck and call full time. I opted to spend my time on Sunday with my family and church commitments rather than engaging in political games. Boundaries are important. As a new councillor I’m being strict with my time.

    I’m disappointed that whilst this has been a civil interaction, on the whole I’ve found your tone rather abrasive on this thread. I don’t appreciate the way you’ve twisted my words. Your comments, which I suspect you already have the answers to, are the kind of scaremongering that we are trying to prevent.

    As I’ve yet to fully read the structural report, so I’m not going to comment on the detail. However I am satisfied that any urgent issues to do with the building have been addressed.

    I hope we can set a better tone for our interactions going forward. We’re all concerned about doing our best to meet needs of Bramcote and Broxtowe.


  15. Thank you Hannah for your post, and certainly quite understand your need to prioritise your time especially at weekends.

    Like you Sunday’s for me are ‘special’, although always were busy days for me with Congregation residents always having issues to raise.

    So very sorry if I have offended, certainly not my intention or politcally motivated as you infer.
    I genuinely was really concerned and following a couple of calls from residents expressing similar concerns and not having seen the Survey which I was responsible for commissioning that on publication it could be ‘scare mongering’ when read. Steve’s response confirmed by your post today were/are completely reassuring.
    As you rightly say our priority interests should be on serving the Community in which we live. Having in a variety of roles endeavoured to do just that for more years than I care to admit; going forward I am happy to continue doing so when necessary and in the communities best interests with my L D friends and in other appropriate Community forums.
    Trust my response ensures that our personal relationship in the future encapsulates that mutual objective?

    Good wishes,




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