Proposal for Land Adjacent to Bramcote Ridge – Its Housing!

David Watts writes: The promoters of this site rang me this week to talk about their proposals. I would encourage as many people as possible to go and express their views. Although the vast majority of the proposed housing is in the city rather than in Broxtowe two proposed houses are in Bramcote. Both would be accessed off the top of Sandy Lane. The proposal also includes tidying up the land along Bramcote Ridge and creating a new public park. Ian, Hannah and I are planning to attend the consultation to have a look at these details and we hope as many Bramcote residents as possible will also do so. I was hoping that we would be able to arrange a consultation in Bramcote but there isn’t at the moment anywhere that this can be held.


  1. The proposal is to enable the creation of a public park of up to 39 acres [approx] and for a Charitable Interest Organisation [non profit] to be gifted approx 8 acres of land in perpetuity, as part of the new public woodland & park. The housing component will enable the investment to create the public community park, at no cost to the council taxpayers!

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  2. What area of land are we talking about? Presumably this won’t have any impact upon the condition or extent of the Alexandrina and Sandy Lane Nature Reserves…?


  3. As I understand it the proposal is to combine Alexander Plantation and the public and private land on the ridge along with some of the golf club land. Unfortunately the Wollaston councillors jumped the gun in announcing it but the architects should have their proposals published by Monday if they haven’t done so today. I’d really welcome as much feedback from people as possible about this.


  4. Link to website still not working! Obviously need you to visit the Library so they can deliver the hard sell!


    1. As per the delivered leaflets the website ‘’ will go live tonight at 5.30pm


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