Comment from Anna Soubry MP – 12 July 2019

Hello again,
It says a lot about the current state of politics that a Panorama report exposing blatant and systemic racism (anti semitism) in the Labour Party barely makes the front page of our newspapers. Meanwhile, the two contenders to be our next Prime Minister make casual, unfounded spending commitments and dangerous promises to leave the EU without a deal in a few months time. What a sorry state our country is in.
I’ll see you at tomorrow’s Beeston Carnival where community spirit will win the day!
As ever,  Anna

Horse Fair plans in Nuthall

I have directly intervened with the owners of land in Nuthall who tell me they are trying to stop another travellers’ horse fair. You may recall the first was held some months ago. At that time there was conflicting advice from the police and local pubs, cafes and a shop closed anticipating “trouble”. The event passed off without incident.

Online adverts claim another fair will be held at the end of the month, it is being organised by a man who insists he is a lawful tenant of the land. The owners strongly disagree and both sides have instructed solicitors. This is a private dispute and I have urged the landowners to be firm in taking control of their land.

My concern is that local businesses again feel the need to close, though this is contrary to the advice given by the police.

What does not help is when elected representatives inflame a situation. We all have a duty to provide you with the facts and not use an issue to stir up trouble and fuel prejudice. Accordingly, I was appalled that Nuthall’s Conservative County Councillor Philip Owen described the horse fair as a “biblical plague” at this week’s Council meeting. This is precisely the sort of “dog whistle” politics that is destroying the Conservative Party as it races to the right. In any event, it certainly doesn’t actually solve the problem which is what I am trying to do.

Water pressure problems sorted in Stapleford

Severn Trent Water have finally investigated low water pressure on Stapleford’s Mayfield Drive. Residents have been complaining for some time and action was only taken after I stepped in. Grateful thanks go to the residents who contacted me. However, Severn Trent is being unnecessarily difficult in ensuring residents who have suffered from the low water pressure are paid compensation. I look forward to them doing the right thing.

From tramworks to pavements

It was great catching up with the brilliant Allison Dobbs who I first met during the tram works when she led the residents’ group for those badly affected on Lower and Fletcher Road. Allison has now moved to Chilwell and has rightly raised concerns about the poor state of the pavements, particularly on streets off Bye-Pass Road. I will take this up with Nottinghamshire County Council.




Moorbridge Lane update

Gas company Cadent has responded to my recent letter about traffic disruption in Stapleford caused by repairs to a gas leak. The temporary nature of the repair has reduced traffic to one lane on Moorbridge Lane. The attendant traffic lights, which kept on breaking down, have been replaced and Cadent assure me they will be checked three times a week. Work on a permanent solution continues; the problem is that the faulty pipe is under both the road and rail track.

Painting work at Beeston Station

On Wednesday the Friends of Beeston Station gathered volunteers and East Midlands Trains staff to paint the concrete wall at Beeston Station, one of several projects this summer to improve the platforms. Well done!

Changing Places campaign success

You may remember me praising Bramcote resident Martin Jackaman on his long running campaign for better facilities for disabled people when they are out and about and need to use lavatory facilities. Martin’s changing places campaign is primarily to ensure that a child or adult who needs to change a pad has a large enough, properly equipped area. Now, thanks to Martin and his colleagues the Government has launched a consultation on whether these types of toilets should be mandatory. The consultation closes on the 21st July and you can respond to it here. There are now 1326 changing places toilets across the UK, including a recently opened one at IKEA in Giltbrook.

Robert Cleeve is no his way Home.

Bramcote resident Robert Cleave is on the home straight of his 18,000 miles around the world charity bike ride. Robert set off in April 2018 to raise money for Cancer Research UK and Traidcraft Exchange. As of last Saturday, Robert has clocked up a total of 16,000 miles and has raised over £20,000, surpassing his original £18,000 target. Follow Robert’s progress and donate here.





Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Twenty eight charging points for electric cars have been installed by Broxtowe Borough Council. I’m glad we’re making progress in encouraging people to switch to electric cars – a crucial part of tackling climate change. However, it will require leadership and action by national Government if we are going to meet the ambitious target of zero emissions by 2050. You can find more information on the location and use of the points here.

In Parliament

I am very pleased that Parliament agreed to extend abortion rights and equal marriage to Northern Ireland in the absence of the assembly. The Northern Ireland Bill will return to the House of Commons before the summer recess.

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