Potholes on Thoresby Road

A resident wrote asking:

We were promised action on the dreadful potted road surface.

Wheres the action ? Wheres the promised 35 k gone ?

We were promised action on the dreadful potted road surface.

Wheres the action ? Wheres the promised 35 k gone ?

Graham Taylor

I wrote to our Broxtowe Borough Councillors and have received the following response:

I’ve checked with County Councillor Steve Carr this evening. He’s been pressing the County Council for a start date and we’re pleased to announce that the work on Thoresby Road will start on 29th August. Due to the volume of traffic using the road the Highways Department are planning to do a lot of the work at night. We are in discussions with them about how to mitigate the impact on residents when this is carried out.

David Watts

Thoresby Road, Bramcote 
From Arundel Drive to the old Golf Club
Scheme Type: Road Surface Improvements – Structural patching
Estimated Delivery: TBC
Project Reference: HW20272



  1. Needs resurfacing to get rid of the various lumps and bumps, and potholes, like they did down by the shops, not just patching-up… Same goes for Arundel Drive.


    1. Same goes for a lot of Bramcote, and also virtually the whole of Stapleford. Will it get done? I’m not going to hold my breathe.


      1. Unfortunately the County Councillors for Stapleford and that part of Bramcote don’t seem to have put forward any roads in their area as needing any work doing on them. Thankfully in the part of Bramcote where Steve Carr is the County Councillor he has managed to secure work being done on a number of roads, including Thoresby Road which will start next month.


  2. Just to let you all know I am having Ewe lamb Lane Resurfaced in August. They are taking 4 inches off the top and doing a professional job. Just had the pot hole at the junction of Marshall Drive and Lyndale Road done in a lot less than a week. This I do constantly, having earned a good relationship with our Via team. It works very well for all of us. Also, a complete investigation of the condition of the whole length of Ilkeston Road as well as Park Road/Stanley Drive.
    As for Stapleford itself, when the ALDI is up and running I have already hinted that I will be chasing up the resurfacing of that part of Derby Road. All of it if I can and of course Pinfold Lane that backs on to the ALDI store I think. Having the fire station there will help me swing it.
    As for my human side, I do need to talk about obtaining a disablement bay or two.


    1. It is a shame you don’t attend the Stapleford Traffic and Transport meetings or didn’t attend the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan or the Your Stapleford Your Ideas meetings as you would be aware of all the issues going on in Stapleford and it is a shame that you don’t reply to emails or support some of the requests for help and support with the Division Funds that each County Council has.

      Yet you do attend meetings in Trowell.

      You are also there to represent the people of Stapleford so please do your job which you were elected to do.

      And you are not the only one who has spent a long time requesting that Ewe Lamb Lane is sorted out.


    2. I wonder who wrote this for Councillor Longdon, and whether he would be willing to publish the correspondence to back up these claims?


  3. I hope the 35k is well spent and not just spraying yellow paint around many potholes themself!The whole other road surface needs attention.

    PS dont let the Highway vehicles park at the bottom of Arundle Drive.The potholes there might damage their axles !


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