Weeding the broxtowe brickwork

I recently wrote to Paul Summers, at Broxtowe Borough Council, in response to their update :

As discussed arrangements have been made to treat the Sherwin Island on three occasion to date this year.

It was noted that the shrubs are developing well and in time will provide a 100% ground cover .

A close inspection of the Island indicated that the majority of the weeds are dead and you identified concerns with regards to dead weeds and aesthetics.

We take on board your concerns with regards to the dead weeds and Mr Syson will arrange during the next maintenance visit for the dead weeds to be handpicked and or strimmed off.

Mr Syson also identified that the road speed sign on the East bound carriageway was obscured by growth from a park tree and he will arrange necessary clearance works.

With regards to the condition of the bus stop you identfied Mr Syson agreed to report this to the bus company in the hope that they will clean and repaint the structure.

Mr Syson will also provide details of planned  maintenance visits over the next few months.

I thanked them but asked if they could include removal of the weeds growing through the brickwork. I have now received a reply from Paul:

Thank you for your post regarding weeds in the brickwork on the Borough of Broxtowe sign.

I have, through the work of the Operations Manager Mr Syson, arranged with Mr Woodward for the Grounds maintenance team to arrange for the necessary clearance works.

Mr Syson has advised that he is arranging for the hand weeding required in the next couple of weeks.


Paul Summers  

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  1. Thank you Sue for ‘taking up’ with Broxtowe Borough Councils Head of Envireoment Paul Summers and publishing his positive response.
    It is a little under 4 years since the Borough Council at my instigation agreed to maintain the Highways England owned Sherwin Island for which I’m sure Bramcote folk are most appreciative of their efforts on our behalf.


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