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Hello again, Thankfully the weather is set to be fair for a host of events in the constituency this weekend. Next Saturday sees the conclusion of Armed Forces week with a Freedom Parade in Beeston of the Royal Engineers based at Chetwynd Barracks. I am sure the streets will be full to pay tribute to the work and sacrifice of our locally based soldiers and their families. I advise you to come along well before the parade begins at 11am. The week’s activities start on Monday when the flag marking Armed Forces week, will be raised in Beeston Square at 11am. 
Whatever your plans, have a lovely weekend.
As ever, Anna

Capita Meeting

I had a meeting this afternoon with representatives from Capita who carry out assessments for PIP benefits. The meeting was very helpful although I still have a number of concerns, most notably whether those being assessed for PIP should have to go Derby when there’s an assessment centre in Nottingham! I have also asked for more information on the number of complaints and successful appeals and will keep you updated.

Crime is Down

I had a catch up this morning with Broxtowe’s most senior police officer before he takes up new duties in North Notts. Inspector Simon Riley reports that recent stats show crime is down in the majority of categories. By way of example, Dwelling House burglaries in Broxtowe are down 63% in the last 12 months from 157 to 58. Unfortunately, anti-social behaviour is up by 11% and crimes of violence where no injury was caused have also risen by 48%. We agree that more police officers are needed.
We will all miss Simon Riley’s proactive professionalism. I am particularly grateful for his speedy replies to any request I have made of him on behalf of constituents and for his assistance in keeping me and my staff safe.

HS2 meeting in Trowell 

Today’s HS2 meeting in Trowell ends this evening at 8pm. I went along this afternoon and I know there has been a good turn out. HS2 is providing more details of its new proposed route through the village. They have abandoned plans for a 60 foot viaduct, now proffering a cutting alongside the M1. This would mean the demolition of 20 more homes. I am campaigning for a tunnel to deliver the route through Broxtowe, including the East Midlands Hub at Toton Sidings. 

My work in Parliament

160,000 members of the Conservative Party will now decide who will succeed Theresa May as our Prime Minister. The choice as you know is between Boris Johnson the former Foreign Secretary and Jeremy Hunt who replaced him. The winner will be announced just before Parliament breaks for the summer and it’s universally agreed Boris Johnson is set to be our next Prime Minister.

Johnson has promised we will leave the EU on October 31st. In order to keep his promise we will have to crash out without a deal and in order to effect that, he will have to keep Parliament out of the process. 
I accept that most people are fed up with Brexit and I am particularly concerned that the continued uncertainty is very bad for business. My view is that we should revoke Article 50 (the mechanism by which we are set to leave the EU and which I voted to “trigger”) if the choice of October 31st is leaving without a deal. A “no deal” Brexit is not what people voted for, indeed we were promised we would not leave the EU without a deal.

It certainly would be a “disaster” for British business in addition to causing a crisis in the NHS as we are not prepared for the adverse effect on the supply of medicines and other vital supplies. 
Revoking Article 50 would stop the Brexit process – in my view we should then move to a second referendum with Remain and the Government’s withdrawal agreement on the ballot paper. 
Whatever the outcome that would be the end of the matter! 

The immediate concern is that the next prime Minister could force a “no deal” Brexit by refusing to let Parliament sit in October. I asked the Prime Minister to introduce legislation to ensure we do sit. The day after I asked my question it was announced Parliament will return on September 3rd. 

Read my question to the Prime Minister here or watch it here.




  1. If Boris becomes Prime Minister he will inherit, among other things, the same poisoned legacy that Gordon Brown inherited when the Labour Party selected him as Tony Blair’s replacement. The electorate never accepted him because they mistakenly thought that a Prime Minister had to be selected by the electorate rather than its representatives in the incumbent Party. But the net result was that the Press relentlessly rubbished Brown and they’ll do the same to Boris. As a Guardian journalist said, “Boris is either a clowning liar or a lying clown.” His track record as Mayor of London includes wasting £40 million of taxpayers’ money on consultation fees for a vanity project that never saw the light of day- the Garden Bridge. And as Foreign Secretary his bungled intervention in Nazanin Ratcliffe’s case led to her continued detention with further charges in Iran. Irrespective of one’s views on Brexit how could anyone believe that such an incompetent and irresponsible person could become a respected Prime Minister?


      1. The only candidate fit to become Prime Minister was Rory Stewart: intelligent, educated, articulate, self-deprecating, widely travelled and passionate in his beliefs. Qualities that immediately disqualified him from leading the Tory Party.


  2. Plus millions wasted in London on a specially designed three door bus that was nicknamed a ‘Borismaster’ which he intended to run with conductors as a replacement for 50 year old buses which were outdated and needed replacing and has now ceased production. Other towns and cities successfully operate standard vehicles very successfully with only one or two doors rather than with three and no conductors, the third appearing to be a Boris vanity thing and which run nowadays without conductors (or attendants as they were retitled ,their only function to be to stand guard over that third doo) or even being opened. Whilst there is controversy over a third runway for Heathrow does anyone now talk about the hugely expensive Boris option which was to build an airport out into the Thames estuary? I think not, but I do trust that such huge items of useless expenditure will not be inflicted on our nation by any future Prime Minister or government.


    1. ” I do trust that such huge items of useless expenditure will not be inflicted on our nation by any future Prime Minister or government.” They’ve already ‘continued’ Peter. HS2 comes quickly to mind. £156 bn+ to knock 20 minutes off my journeys to London from Nottingham.


  3. Ian, guess we are going to be faced on opposite sides of the Atlantic with two blond, biased and probably both incompetent leaders. Hands up who agree. What is the betting that there will be some comments from those who don’t hold with my view but I won’t fall out with you if there are such folk but reserve my right to disagree and am content for you to hold your opinion. Time will tell. I know this web site is about Bramcote but events will surely affect even as low down to this locality in one way or another so I guess it is a Bramcote matter. Apologies if I have upset anyone. p.s. neither am I a Corbyn supporter.


  4. If, as Ms Soubry says, it “…would be a “disaster” for British business in addition to causing a crisis in the NHS as we are not prepared for the adverse effect on the supply of medicines and other vital supplies…” then we are only in this situation because her (albeit now former) party has fannied around for 3 years achieving nothing tangible in the way of negotiating trade deals, or finding other sources, or – heaven forfend – generating our own manufacturing capacity, for the supply of medicines and other vital supplies.
    True, the country didnt vote for a ‘no deal brexit’ but neither did it vote for a ‘deal brexit’ or ‘capitulation-style brexit’. The country voted to leave Europe, end of, whether we like it or not. We voted based on the totally inadeqauate information provided to us by our politicians (especially the Boris bus and the £350m for the NHS lie). The politicians have brushed aside the referendum by choosing to achieve nothing and simply hoping the wind will change.
    If Boris becomes PM, I fear the country will be even more of a laughing stock than it is now. However, I believe even he would be better for the country’s economy than Corbyn.


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