Comments form Anna Soubry MP – 15 June 2019

Hello again,
Well whatever the weather here’s to the weekend! 
As ever, Anna

Possible Tunnel for HS2 in Broxtowe

HS2 Minister Nus Ghani has agreed to meet me to discuss my campaign for a tunnel to deliver the railway in Broxtowe. Yesterday I raised the new plans in Parliament making it clear that whilst I welcome the abandonment of the planned 60 foot viaduct through Trowell, the best route would be a tunnel to avoid homes being demolished and economic and environmental damage. Watch my question to the Minister here or read it here.

Unlawful Horse Fair

The owners of land in Nuthall where a traveller horse fair in April was held, have told me they have not given any permission for any further events. Hortons Estates have assured me that the matter is with their lawyers and they will be do everything they can to prevent any further event from taking place.

Chinese school birthday

A happy 20th Birthday to the Nottingham Chinese School based at Alderman White School on Chilwell Lane. The weekend school is devoted to the teaching of Chinese culture and Mandarin. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s celebrations with our Chinese community.

Nuthall robbery arrests

Two men have been arrested following a particularly nasty burglary in Nuthall. An elderly woman was assaulted and money was stolen as I reported in my email newsletter last week. The two have been charged with robbery and the victim is making a good recovery.

Flaming June!

Given the deluge of rain it came as no surprise when the organisers cancelled this year’s Hemlock Happening. Sadly, a nasty flu type bug prevented me from going to either the Cossall or Beeston Open Garden days. 
This weekend’s forecast is marginally better and there are a number of events on in the constituency. Details in the diary section.

Lib Dem gains in Stapleford

Congratulations to David Grindell and Tim Hallam on their election to Broxtowe Borough Council last night. The two Lib Dems have taken back Stapleford South East which the Conservatives won in 2015. The election was delayed following the very sad death of one of the original Conservative candidates and former Stapleford Mayor, Chris Rice. I’m sorry sitting Conservative Councillor Adam Stockwell lost his seat but given he’s 22 I am sure we won’t have seen the last of him! Labour came last in the election which will boost the number of Lib Dem Councillors in the Labour, Lib Dem and Independent group running our Borough Council. Had the Conservatives won then the Council would have been hung. 

Inspector Riley on the move 

Broxtowe’s senior police officer, Inspector Simon Riley is moving to the north of the county, he says, on a temporary basis. I hope it is only temporary and that he soon back in Broxtowe! 

My work in Parliament

There is barely any legislation going through Parliament as we are in the grip of both Brexit paralysis and the Conservative Party leadership. However, this week all the opposition parties came together to try and stop a no deal Brexit. British business does not want a no deal Brexit because, as the Business Secretary said, it will be “disastrous”. The vast majority of the people do not want no deal and there is no majority for it in Parliament. 
But – the very real concern is that the next Prime Minister will use his powers to prorogue Parliament (end the current session) so we leave the EU without a deal on October 31st. Front runner Boris Johnson, has not ruled out this profoundly undemocratic and foolhardy procedure to deny Parliament any role. 
 Unfortunately, despite 10 courageous Conservative MPs voting against their Government, Labour couldn’t muster their own MPs. Eight rebelled and 13 abstained meaning we lost by 11 votes. 
The unfortunate truth is we can’t rely on the Labour leadership to protect jobs and our economy from the disaster of a no deal Brexit. As you might imagine, I will continue to work cross party to  do all I can to ensure we do not leave the EU without a deal. 

In other work I was pleased to be a guest speaker at a seminar for A levels teachers organised by Parliament’s Education and Engagement Service. 

Finally, and arguably most importantly the Government has accepted the world’s toughest climate change target namely zero carbon emissions by 2050. I think there is a good argument to be even bolder and aim for 2045 but this is undoubtedly an important step forward. 

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