News from Anna Soubry MP – 7 June 2019

Hello again,
Well it’s been a busy day at the end of an unusual week – I have been elected leader of the Change UK political party (more on that below).  
I am delighted that my campaign has persuaded HS2 to revisit their plans to deliver the route through Trowell via a sixty foot viaduct – please read on for a full update. 
There are a number of events on this weekend, notably the Hemlock Happening and garden trails in Cossall and Beeston. Let’s hope the sun comes out!
As ever, Anna

HS2 viaduct campaign success 

I am very pleased that HS2 have abandoned plans for a 60 foot viaduct through Trowell as part of the line’s route through Broxtowe, as a result of my campaign against the viaduct. 

I have been campaigning for a tunnel to deliver the route through Broxtowe with the East Midlands hub station underground at Toton Sidings. A tunnel would avoid years of serious road disruption in parts of the constituency, notably at Nuthall, and would avoid adverse environmental damage.

This afternoon I met officials of HS2 at Trowell Parish Hall and they showed me their new plans. HS2 now want to run the line in a cutting along side the M1 in Trowell. This would mean the M1 would not need to be moved but 20 more houses in Trowell would be demolished

HS2 have launched a consultation on the new route which closes on 6th September. You can find out more here and I would encourage you to take part.

HS2 are also holding an information event in Trowell Parish Hall on 21st June from 2pm – 8pm.

Residents warned after 87 year old burgled

Broxtowe’s most senior police officer, Inspector Simon Riley, has asked everyone to be particularly vigilant after a very serious burglary in Nuthall on Tuesday.
Two thugs tricked their way into the home of an elderly woman, assaulted her and then stole cash from her bedroom. There’s a full report on Notts Police website here and it goes without saying that anyone with any information should contact the police immediately.

Go wild this June!

It’s always good to catch up with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and this afternoon I gave a warm welcome to the new Chief Executive Paul Wilkinson. The Trust continue to do great work across the county and particularly at Attenborough Nature Reserve. There’s still time to sign up to their latest wildlife challenge at #30DaysWild and get out and enjoy our local wildlife. Click here for more info!

Friends of Beeston Station want funding for Lifts

I had a catch up this morning with Councillor Trish Roberts-Thomson and Sarah Hampton from the Friends of Beeston Station.  FOBS has already achieved a great deal and this summer will bring more success, including better signage. A display of historic and modern photographs celebrating the station’s history is planned for the early autumn. Better access remains the most important issue and I have agreed to host a meeting with the Department for Transport, FOBS and other important partners. We need to explore other methods of funding to install lifts after the Government rejected plans in April. 

All change at Change UK

As you may have heard there have been a number of changes at Change UK (The Independent Group), the political party I co-founded a few months ago. 

6 of our 11 MPs have left believing the party should not be standing candidates in elections and preferring to sit as Independents.

The party now has 5 MPs with years of experience and competence between us. I was unanimously elected as their leader on Tuesday. 

I am of course saddened about the split which, in my view, was taken too hastily after the EU Election results. I am heartened by the thousands of supporters we have attracted and by the almost 600,000 people who voted for Change UK in the recent elections.

Whatever your political views and affiliation, I hope you agree we are living in the most extraordinary of political times. Both main parties are now in meltdown and last night’s Peterborough by election is further evidence of the demise of the two party system. Labour did well to retain the seat but no one is under any illusion that the party remains bitterly divided. Meanwhile, the Conservative Party exposes all manner of division as 11 candidates battle for the leadership.

I believe most people look at both main parties in despair. The sense that our politics is broken is growing and I believe Change UK offers the way to sort out the mess.

As leader of Change UK, I have started the work on building a membership-based party and we have begun to develop policies on the various and multiple issues our country faces. In the meantime, Parliament is stuck in a rut of avoiding important legislation and debate to address those issues. 

Read more about Change UK here. You can watch my interview on Channel 4 News by clicking below.




  1. Ah well , Anna – you did have the conviction to move away from a disintegrating Party.
    As a Lib-Dem I did not like your castigation of our party regarding planning.
    That said, it was an effective and successful manoeuvre.
    If you are truly penitent and promise not to be a naughty girl again – who knows – you might be welcome in our home!!
    All best wishes,



    1. I doubt it, at least by the majority of the electorate.

      Will you be returning to the ‘Bar’ or TV?


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