Inspector Simon Riley’s Blog: May 2019

Firstly, can I start this month with a very large ‘thank you’ to all those people who contacted us with information following the media release this past week of an assault in Beeston back in March, whereby the victim had his head stamped on. As a result of the appeal and your information, a male and a female were arrested the same day as the appeal went out and have subsequently been released under investigation whilst further enquiries are undertaken.


On Sunday 12/05/2019, the force off-road motorcycle team were deployed on Broxtowe North. this was a really good engagement opportunity for the team, who spoke to a number of local residents about the specifics of the issues they are facing in respect of illegal motorcycling activity. This will help to deter,mine future deployments of the team.

Whilst deployed in the Bennerley Viaduct area, over 20 illegal riders were dispersed. Unfortunately, 2 weren’t quick enough to outrun the police motorbikes. The 2 ‘unluckys’ were given notices under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002, meaning that if they are seen in the location again at any time within the next 12 months using their motorcycles in a careless or anti-social manner, then the police will have the power to seize the motorcycle. The message is simple – this will happen to every motorcyclist acting in an unlawful and anti-social manner.

Further successes included recovering phones, wallets and cash from riders who made off from the team making it very easy to identify who had been involved and being able to educate a group of 4 adults and 190 children who weren’t aware that they were acting unlawfully by riding where they were in Watnall. More activity is planned for the borough from the off-road team in the coming weeks and I look forward to hearing of more successes from them


In the past month, the local neighbourhoods teams have executed search warrants for drugs and weapons at 2 addresses in Stapleford and Chilwell. A cannabis grow was discovered (and dismantled) in Stapleford and whilst no drugs were found at the address in Chilwell, a number of weapons were seized from the address. Additional enforcement activity is expected around people involved with the Chilwell address. Further warrants are planned for addresses on both Broxtowe North adn Broxtowe South in the next couple of weeks.


Unfortunatley, not all is good news though and I’m sorry to have to report a small spike in robberies of people in the Manor Park and Toton Fields Nature Reserve areas in the past week. At present, we are uncertain if all of the robberies are linked, as there are varying descriptions and modus operandi – however, we are confident that at least 2 are linked. Whilst the majority of the incidents have seen bicycles being stolen from young people, one of these robberies was on an 81 year old lady, who was pushed to the ground and her necklace stolen. I am, therefore, obviously extremely keen to find out who is responsible and to get them locked up. I am linked in with local councillors regarding the matter and my teams are tasked with patrols in the area over the coming days. If anyone has any information as to who may be responsible for these offences, no matter how small you might think that information is, then please, please call 101 or contact a member of the beat team and pass that information on.


I’m pleased to report that both sets of elections this past month passed by without any incident. My Neighbourhoods team visited polling stations and engaged with polling officials and people who had come to vote. In the current, highly-charged political climate, it was really pleasing to see that the Broxtowe electorate went about their democratic rights in a lawful and peaceful manner.


The County South Community Safety Partnership now has its own portable, electronic knife detection arch. This is available to me to use on Broxtowe and has come about as the result of some excellent work by my colleague at Gedling Borough, Inspector Chris Pearson. We also have a number of electronic knife wands available to our officers locally. The arches will be being deployed at licensed premises, licensed events and other locations where we consider there may be an enhanced threat of people carrying knives. The arches are a strikingly visible piece of equipment and my hope is that deployment will be enough of a deterrent to anyone stupid enough to decide to carry a knife upon them whilst in public. A recent deployment in Mansfield paid dividends within minutes, when one of their knife offenders turned and ran as soon as he saw the arch – he was caught by officers in attendance and found to be in possession of a large knife. Instant results and proof of deterrent. 


Finally, as we roll into June, it’s once again time for our Summer drink/drive campaign. I shouldn’t have to give out a reminder, but sadly I do. We are coming into warmer weather and barbeque season. Please don’t be tempted to drink and drive. In my 28 years as a police officer, I have seen the carnage that drink drivers cause on far too many occasions. People often ask ‘what’s the safe amount I can drink if I’m driving?’ There is only one answer to that and that’s ‘none.’   If you want a drink, book a taxi, get a designated driver or walk. It’s as simple as that. Please don’t become another drink drive statistic – either as an offender, or a victim.


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