Comments from Anna Soubry MP

Hello again,

I do hope the weather is fine this weekend as there are a number of excellent events on across the constituency.  Nuthall Parish and Kimberley Town Councils have organised two events in their area and this year’s ABC (Attenborough, Beeston and Chilwell) Art Trail promises to be even better than last year’s.

Whatever you are doing have a great weekend. 

As ever, Anna

EU Election results

The results of the European Parliament elections were declared on Sunday and the Broxtowe result is for the Borough of Broxtowe which is larger than the Parliamentary constituency as it includes Eastwood and Brinsley.

The turnout was 39% of which the Brexit Party took 35% of the vote, the Lib Dem’s 21%, Greens 13%, Labour 12%, Conservatives 8%, Change UK 4.7% and UKIP 3.9%. The three parties who unequivocally back a Peoples Vote and remaining in the EU polled 39% of the vote with the Brexit Party and UKIP polling 38.9%. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that Labour and the Conservatives fared particularly badly.

Given the turnout and the subject (Brexit), I think the only conclusions to be drawn are that two party politics is seriously under threat and old tribal party loyalties are being broken down by Brexit. And arguably, that most people are fed up with Brexit. 

Advice centre for EU nationals opens

A new walk in service opens on Monday in Beeston offering advice to EU Citizens and anyone wanting to work or travel in the EU. Broxtowe’s Citizens Advice are running the centre having won funding from the European Union. You can call in to their office in the Borough Councils offices on Foster Avenue in Beeston or call 01773 532291 or email for an appointment. 


  1. EU Election results,
    The Brexit Party 30.8%
    Change UK 3.3%
    The people have spoken again. Leave means Leave.
    There is only one honourable course for Anna Soubry to now follow. Call a by-election in Broxtowe.


    1. Don’t talk daft Howard. Having a by election because Anna Soubry has changed track will be a very expensive waste of time and money. Theoretically Anna is now sitting as an Independent MP, of a sort. As the remain faction often state “people are changing their mind all the time”, Anna has changed her mind, but she still represents her constituents.


      1. Ian,
        You can’t put a price on democracy. Anna Soubry has backtracked on the manifesto she pledged to support. Broxtowe is solid “Leave” territory.
        An MP who switches parties or becomes an independent, still owes a debt to her former party and voters. In the case of Ms Soubry, the Conservative party spent large sums to promote her candidacy.
        One only has to view the comments on Anna Soubry’s Facebook page, to realise that she is held in contempt by the constituency electorate.
        It is 99% certain that Ms. Soubry has committed electoral suicide and would lose the seat. There it is little wonder why she refuses to give the people of Broxtowe their voice on her pro-EU stance.
        The European Elections were a massive win for Leave. Combine the Brexit Party with the percentage of eurosceptic Conservative and Labour voters. Then add UKIP and 27% of the SNP who voted Leave.
        A by-election in our constituency is urgently needed.


  2. As far as I can see there seem to have been more votes for a remain position or at any rate a desire for another vote than for Brexit (what a horrible word- wonder if it will get into the dictionary). It is a pity that the groups could not have got together more but it still seems that there is a desire to remain rather than to go. I note that the Citizens advice bureau in Beeston have received some funding from the EU. Realising that this is to some extent one sided it is still something we have received rather than spent and has probably been duplicated around the country.


  3. Where do you get that idea Peter, “more votes for a remain position than leave (Brexit). Has anyone carried out a survey or are you going on personal experience? The vote was cast, and in all honestly the MP’s who consider that the rest of us are morons and don’t know what we are doing were given a (theoretically) short, sharp shock. They started running around like headless chickens trying to devise ways and means to overturn the DEMOCRATICALLY taken vote. As for the CAB being given money by the EU. The EU, like our Government, actually has no money to give away, it all comes from the taxpayer. In this case the UK has handed our money to Brussels, and they have handed some back. Nice of them I’m sure. The only question that needs to be put to the British people is:- Do we leave the EU using the deal that a former Prime Minister hatched together with her cronies in Brussels, that cannot be altered significantly, and leaves us stuck as a vassal state of a European Empire, that will have its own Armed Forces. Why a Trading Organisation needs an army I don’t know, maybe someone will tell us the reason. Or we immediately leave on WTO rules. If we go that way, watch and see how long it will be before before both sides are forced into working out an agreement.


  4. As far as I saw in the press in the election for MEPs more voted for the Liberal Democrats the Greens and Change UK than did for the parties who wish to withdraw from the EU. As I saw this in the Guardian perhaps some with opposing views may consider that to be biased, the % was not great but nevertheless I can only assume it to be a fact. Unfortunately I have not got a copy of that to verify what I understood to be a true report.


    1. You do realise I hope Peter, that whichever party gained more MEP’s than others in the EU parliament means nothing. As we have so often been told over the past umpteen years, the EP is purely a talking shop and has no legislative power at all. Can you, or anyone, tell me when it introduced, modified or rescinded any legislation whatsoever. I am not going to hold my breath for an answer seeing as I have asked this question several times before on Bramcote Today and on other ‘discussions’, and have not had a reply, ever.


      1. Ian, presumably you are aware that the European Parliament has no power to introduce legislation. That power rests with the Commission and the council of Ministers.


      2. I’ve actually been saying that for quite a while David, so Yes, I am aware of that fact, just as you would have been had you read my post of 14 June. I’ve often asked as well what actual benefits are there in belonging to an EU when it seemed like the boxes were being ticked by being in the EEC.


  5. I fully agree with what you say Ian but nevertheless the fact that more voted in favour of a group of parties who wish to remain in the EU must say something about the general feeling around the country, as does the fact that we apparently have two more Liberal Democrats serving on our Council from yesterday. Granted this does not make any difference as long as we are heading for ‘Brexit’ but is probably an indicator as to which way a vote would go if a new referendum or even General Election were called.


    1. It matters not how many “combined” votes are ‘against’, or ‘for’ a particular motion, person or party, under the present arcake system of first past the post wins the results stand, for good or bad. I’ve just added up the votes from last Thursday. Between them David and Tim polled 1097 votes, however the other candidates polled 1333 so the way you put it most of Stapleford are not in favour of the Lib Dems.

      You mention that the Lib Dems have two more councillors than they had last week. Well under the voting rules that the ‘remain’ faction seem to have introduced (if not legally) I don’t want David and Tim (nothing personal gentlemen) to be running the Broxtowe Borough Council. They, like many other councillors, have been there before so it’s going to be a case of “same old, same old” policies and rhetoric. I want to see new people on the council with new ideas therefore the election should be considered void and rerun as obviously those who voted Lib Dem didn’t know what they were voting for.

      However on a more serious note. With a disgraceful 32% turnout of the electorate I’m sure that there will be many people who will be complaining about council decisions in the future, but when asked how they voted will say that they couldn’t be bothered to go to vote. You don’t vote, don’t complain when things ‘aren’t right’.


  6. Please note,I was referring not mainly to the local elections but rather to the EU election which were not ‘first past the post’ as showing that a majority of those throughout the country who bothered to vote seem to be in favour of remain. Again I realise that the EU members do not have the power but many possibly do not realise this and just voted that way to show their preferences. The fact that we have two more Lib Dem councillors also shows some thing of this feeling. I personally feel that the previous make up of the Council before the last administration was superior in many respects but that is just an opinion and I am quite happy for others to have opposing views, after all this is what democracy is about. I am sorry to accept that so few of our residents in Broxtowe turned out to exercise their right to have a say. Having said this I am sorry to see one particular Conservative Councillor unseated as I felt that of many he had a great interest in Bramcote and his constituents although I did not vote for him I would happily have done so if he was a member of a different party. It seems to me that it is a great pity that party politics have come so much to the fore in local government giving large swings in policy between elections which as regards local matters can cause disruption and disagreements in many cases between friends and even relatives . Over 60 years ago when I was first entitled to vote I regularly supported one Tory and one Labour Candidate in County Council elections as I felt they both had similar interests in the Stapleford area where I then lived and political issues were not so much on display. Today, unfortunately this does not seem to be a viable route to follow and I would guess that many others of whatever political persuasion may feel the same way about this.


    1. “although I did not vote for him I would happily have done so if he was a member of a different party.” I’ve read that before on these pages. If you think the man is going to be a decent representative and will act in the best interests of those he represents then why didn’t you vote for him, instead of voting for your party? Simple question.
      There should be no room for “Party” politics at local level, whatever Broxtowe, Bramcote or Stapleford councils decide to do will have no impact at National level at all, and you all know it.

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      1. Bramcote does not have a council – Parish or Town. It has however been fortunate to benefit in recent years by two councillors, wearing rosettes of different colours, who served its people well. An example worth remembering.


  7. I agree that Bramcote has had good Councillors in the past and hopefully in the present where political views have not been nor will be at the forefront band. It may be noted that I said that if he was of a different party I would have voted for him and my reason for this is that as a whole the makeup of the Broxtowe or any other Council can be too often ruled by political interests, I also said earlier that my personal view was that party politics should have no place in local government and that in the past I have split my vote to members of different parties -albeit that was for County elections. I have never been a member of any political party but do have views. The last administration in my view at Broxtowe changed a number of good things for a worse outcome. For instance (and here I must admit some bias as a leaseholder and previous member of the editorial panel) the quarterly Tenants and Leaseholders Matters publication and the yearly housing report which covered matters relating only to those groups or at any rate containing matters mainly only of interest to them. Instead. it was decided to incorporate news and articles for these groups in the main Broxtowe Matters the latest edition of which has just reached me and I would guess in most cases that the majority of Broxtowe residents the content of these particular items would be of no interest. In fact the Housing article in this edition does contain a half page concerning Retirement living and as such applies to and concerns all elderly residents in the Borough or their relations. There is also an article of rent payments -of interest only to tenants and no mention at all of leaseholders or their concerns. I value this publication and scan it for errors of which I have discovered two and reported them but feel that the substantial bodies of people living in the Borough who are tenants and leaseholders do deserve the service given by the previous publication aimed and designed for them.
    The one particularly important item I discovered as being inaccurate – and this is not a criticism of the Councillors but concerns RECYCLING which is on everyones’ mind at the moment. In the ad for recycling it states that ALL TYPES of paper and card can be recycled whereas after a visit by a neighbour of mine to the recycling plant in Mansfield he was told that shredded paper was not recyclable as it clogged up their machinery. I discussed this with the team shortly afterwards who confirmed this. When I saw the advert I again telephoned and after discussion with the lady on the phone who had never heard of this prohibition she went away and after talking with a colleague returned to me to say that she had learnt something new. So PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECYCLE PAPER WHICH YOU HAVE SHREDDED.


    1. I agree with what you say Peter about political makeup of councils. It’s a shame that the ‘News’ vendors set such store by council elections, (Conservatives) lose control of Broxtowe. (Labour) gain 1500 seats, (Lib Dems) keep all their seats etc. However look at the back-biting that we have read on these pages in the past about ‘when you were in charge your party did, or didn’t, do that ‘. In my opinion political affiliation should be omitted from Council ballot papers, and indeed from Council election information.

      Regarding the shredded paper perhaps it could be mixed in with the garden rubbish. After all paper is made of vegetable/natural materials and breaks down well when mixed in with the compost heaps on my allotment. Ive had no problems when spreading the compost onto my beds.


  8. Yes Ian, I do not (or care) about a persons political affiliations or activities and possibly if politics could be taken out of local government- and even from the Houses of Parliament we may have a better and more cohesive society to live in. After all many places and countries manage very well with coalitions elected by a better system than our first past the post type of election.
    I had not thought about putting paper in compost, it sounds eminently sensible and whilst I have no garden to speak of and would not these days be physically capable of cultivating an allotment I do pass my vegetable waste/used teabags etc to my neighbour who has a compost bin. I will talk to him and see if he will take my paper as well, With computers I remember from my time as a civil servant we were promised a paperless society but unfortunately with all the useless and repetative advertising blurb which pops through my letterbox daily we seem to have gone in the opposite direction.


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