Comment from Anna Soubry MP – 24 May 2019

Hello again,

Many say it has been long overdue, but today Theresa May announced she will be stepping down as Prime Minister on 7th June. I voted for Theresa believing she would support One Nation Conservative traditions. Unfortunately, she not only allowed Brexit to besiege her work but proved to be stubborn in her approach. I and others urged Theresa to support our continuing membership of the single market and customs union as the least damaging way to deliver Brexit. You will recall from my previous emails how I made that case to her and in Parliament. Even after the disastrous General Election (and I was pretty much a lone voice then in saying she should “consider her position”), Theresa May refused to soften the Brexit red lines she had drawn. Theresa unfortunately, and against the advice from the sensible wing of the Conservative Party, chose to court the hard Brexiteers who have now turned on her and forced her out.
I am sorry to say that the Prime Minister’s departure will serve nothing but add to the chaos and mess that is Brexit. We now face weeks of a Conservative Party leadership contest. The winner will be selected from a diminishing number of members, who are sadly overwhelmingly of the “no deal” hard right of the party. The outcome could well be Boris Johnson or some other Conservative of the same ilk, who will gladly take us over the Brexit cliff edge at the end of October. The departure of Theresa May will not change the numbers in Parliament nor stop the growing number of people who believe we are better off staying in the EU. Around 100,000 members of the Conservative Party will instead determine a course the vast majority of people did not vote for almost three years ago. 

On a considerably happier note it is The Greasley Gathering on Monday – let’s hope the sun continues to shine and see you there.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.

As ever, Anna

Dynamic Vision for the Future in East Midlands

Setting a dynamic vision for everyone’s future in the East Midlands is a priority for our Development Corporation. I hosted a meeting with the Chair Sir John Peace and members of his team this afternoon. Chair of the Chetwynd, Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Forum, Richard Hutchinson, was also there to discuss how we make sure our region steps up in terms of skilled jobs, transport connectivity and investment. The East Midlands Development Corporation is about far more than HS2, though making sure it goes ahead is critical to our economic future as it will be a generator of new businesses and quality jobs. 

Beeston Parade success!

The parade part of the annual Beeston Carnival will go ahead after Nottinghamshire County Council agreed to waive traffic management charges. You will recall I wrote to the Council on behalf of the organisers, Councillors Pat and Lynda Lally. 
Notts Council leader Kay Cutts has replied to my letter stating the traffic management fees will be waived and other costs will be met.
The organisers now need to ensure next year’s parade is financed well in advance. 

EU Elections

Thank you to everyone who voted in Thursday’s EU Elections. The count begins on Sunday. Broxtowe Borough Council inform me the turnout for the Borough (which is bigger than the constituency) was 39% compared to the 2014 turnout of 37.7%. There is anecdotal evidence that the turnout in Remain supporting parts of the constituency was noticeably higher. I wonder if there will be some surprises in the early hours of Monday?

My work in Parliament

As Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims I gave evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on the somewhat controversial matter of defining Islamophobia. You can watch the session here



  1. How are we supposed to believe this from a woman who has walked away from her constituents and the conservative party. The voters of Broxtowe voted Anna Soubry to represent them on behalf of the Conservative party. Now she decides to walk away to some organisation which won’t last five minutes and blames Teresa May. My feeling is that Anna has been waiting for an opportunity like this since Teresa May stripped Anna of her ministerial post.


    1. Ms Soubry’s comments on the EU election results read like a melee of denial, spin and sour grapes. Having bitten off the Tory hand that fed her for years, at least she is prevented from throwing her hat into the ring of Tory leadership candidacy whilst the self-serving vultures circle over Theresa May’s doomed carcass.


    2. Totally agree Barry. Also, Ms Soubry keeps ‘banging’ on about having a ‘People’s Vote’ because, apparently, we didn’t know what we were voting for in the referendum. Yet she won’t resign and create a by-election with Broxtowe now having what we didn’t vote for.

      At the next General Election, my money is that, if Ms Soubry stands, the Lib-Dems won’t field a candidate.


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