European elections 2019

Paul Nathanail writes: Broxtowe Borough Council has published details of the candidates for the European elections on 23 May:

There are 41 candidates for the 5 MEP seats but we only get ONE vote under the PR voting system. Candidates come from 8 parties and one independent.

In researching the elections, I came across some interesting facts:

In some Member States (the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and Sweden) only political parties and political organisations may submit nominations. In all other Member States nominations may be submitted if they are endorsed by the required number of signatures or electors.

In some cases [such as the UK – see my PS below] a deposit is also required.

In most Member States, voters may cast preferential votes to change the order of the names on the list. However, in nine Member States (Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Portugal, the UK [BUT not Northern Ireland, see below], Estonia, Hungary and Romania) the lists are closed (no preferential vote). In Luxembourg voters may even vote for candidates from different lists, while in Sweden they may add or remove names from the list. In Malta, Ireland and Northern Ireland the voters list the candidates in order of preference (single transferable vote).

And if you don’t know how the MEP seats are allocated, this 2009 video from the BBC makes it very clear:.

Perhaps those seeking our vote would like to comment below on why we should vote for them.

Paul Nathanail

PS I tip my hat to the independent candidate – whom I do not know – since getting less than 2.5% of the votes cast results in the loss of his £5000 deposit!

PPS Broxtowe clearly had advance notice of this election; the “Notice of Election” is dated Monday 15th April 201 [well before the Magna Carta was signed!]



  1. A very good read, Paul, but I think it was Wednesday 15th April, not Monday!
    Perhaps, if the candidates can’t or won’t speak to us, their representatives locally could kindly offer us some opinions on why we should put our cross in that groupings’ box.


  2. To be fair the election team at Broxtowe were in the middle of the locals. They waited until they were told last minute they had to issue the notice of election.

    As to how you vote. If you want Brexit vote for Farage and all the uncertainties that will bring.

    If you want to stay in the EU vote LibDem. We have been consistent, cleat and steadfast on this issue.


    1. Steve is right – nationally, in England anyway, it does seem from recent polls (!!!) that the EU election is boiling down to a choice between libdem and brexit with the two (erstwhile?) main parties losing support, Greens polling well enough to win some seats whereas Change & ukip seem to have run out of steam.

      As ever in a healthy democracy, voting is key. Bramcote showed it knows this in the locals and I hope we turn out in numbers again on 23 May.

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  3. The remain vote is being split across several parties so I think inevitably it is not going to do well in these elections.


    1. If Vince Cable carries out his threat / promise to change Liberal Democrat policy away from demanding a Peoples’ Referendum to Revoking Article 50, then surely ALL those with a desire to REMAIN in the great European Family should campaign and vote for the Liberal Democratic Party.


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