Speeding on the A52

Anyone who regularly uses the A52 leading up to the Sherwin island will be well aware of the problems Bramcote residents and motorists have suffered, over many years, and the struggles to see effective action taken.

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You will see the issues have been regularly raised at our quarterly CAT meetings and our MP, Anna Soubry, has taken action. Supported by the late Tony Smith, who coordinated the campaign in 2016/17, plus our local Councillors and community, she delivered a petition to Parliament. We are assured speed cameras will be fitted this financial year but a specific date has not yet been set.

I have no doubt that our new Councillors will also agree about the importance to continue to push for this action as a priority. One of our regular contributors, Alan Beale, has asked that we keep this as a priority post – “to keep at the forefront of the new politicians minds.”

Highways England replied, on 12th December 2018, to Cllr Placket’s concerns as follows:

‘We intend to split into 3 enforced sections with entry and exit cameras at each end for BOTH directions of traffic.’  These will be:

1.   Priory Roundabout to Wollaton Road
2.   Wollaton Road to Thoresby Road
3.   Thoresby Road to Sherwin Roundabout

‘We’re also looking into the possibility of enforcing the bus lane  as we are aware of a significant number of contraventions and have received many complaints from residents.’

‘Final value for money assessments and feasibility is still ongoing so we can’t give a date for full design and construction as yet.  We’re hoping that works on the site will begin in the next financial year subject to budgets being approved and road space availability.’

Highways England replied, to Val Leyland’s concerns of 19 April as follows: Customer Enquiry 11021149/19059808

A52 Speed Management

Thank you for your enquiry dated 19 April with regard to speed management on the A52 in Beeston and Bramcote.  I’ve asked our Safety Team for their input as below.

The implementation of this scheme has to fit within the wider delivery programme for the East Midlands which means we cannot give a definitive timescale yet.

The scheme has passed value for money assessments and money is available this financial year for final detailed design and construction preparation.  We’re very hopeful that the money to build the scheme will also be available.

However this is still subject to  confirmation as there are significant pressures on our budgets for this year.  Our programme of works remains indicative until space on the network is confirmed as available to build the scheme.

I’m sorry I can’t be more specific at this time but please be assured that we are pushing to get more certainty over the timing of this scheme as soon as possible. It is my intention that this scheme will go ahead as soon as the budgets and the road space issues are confirmed.

We don’t have any plans at present to change the existing 40mph speed limit on the A52.  There was no justification in the accident record for doing so at this time and the 40mph limit is deemed appropriate for the road and the volume of traffic using it.  This may be revisited in the future if any new development or traffic patterns mean the existing traffic situation changes.

We trust that this sufficiently answers your enquiry, but if want to discuss this any further please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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