1. Well done Bramcote Lib Dem’s and well done to the residents of Bramcote in electing David, Ian and Hannah to be your representatives yesterday. Bramcote is now back to where it should be after losing out 4 years ago. I am absolutely delighted! Well done to all of you.


  2. Steve – thanks for breaking the news to us.

    The Conservatives seem to have lost overall control of Broxtowe and I do not think the by election in one of the Stapleford wards in June will change things. They remain the largest party in the council.

    Bramcote turned out to vote in numbers – turnout just over 50% compared to a Broxtowe wide average just over 40%.

    The outcome was very clear – the three lib dem candidates won by an electoral mile. Congratulations to David, Ian and poll topping Hannah Land.

    I do not think this is a result of the national picture nor do I think it reflects the demise of the Conservatives across Broxtowe – though clearly they have had losses. I also don’t think it is personality driven – one of the three Bramcote councillors has now been elected to represent one of the Stapleford wards.

    Rather I suspect Bramcote voters have expressed an unease with the way our area has been handled by the Conservatives through the planning process over the past four years.

    It is not clear who will gain control of the council and in a way a coalition may end up being a good thing I wish whoever ends up controlling the council every success – for all our sakes. The next four years will be challenging.

    I also hope however that they will listen to local voices, and not least the Neighbourhood Forum here in Bramcote, in a way that the outgoing administration chose not to at more than one key point in time. The Forum has worked hard to engage with local residents and enjoyed a good relationship with Conservative now ex-councillors, their Liberal Democrat replacements and candidates from Labour. We will continue to do so over the coming years in order to try and steer development in and around Bramcote in a sustainable direction.

    Finally I would like to thank all nine candidates for putting themselves forward for election and for their hard work in seeking our votes.

    Paul Nathanail

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    1. Thanks Paul. We are really grateful to everyone for their support. The council is now officially in No Overall Control and I have no idea what will happen next. However the main focus for Hannah (who topped the poll in her first ever election) Ian and myself is to serve Bramcote and we all pledge to do that to the best of our ability. David


  3. Congratulations to Hannah, Ian and David.
    And down to business, especially the A52 speeding concerns. Steve Carr very helpfully spoke to Highways England and his post generated a lot of comments and views.
    Can I ask that David takes the lead on this issue and at some stage tells residents of the LIb Dems plans to actually get the cameras fitted.
    Would the LIb Dems for example organise another petition ? And can you put on the CAT meetings agenda the A52 and only remove it once the cameras are fitted.
    7 years of resident concerns is long enough and as everyone says from all parties action is needed


    1. Hi Alan, I’m happy to do this with one proviso, that I don’t start until tomorrow. Today has rather a lot of sleep to catch up on. (BTW this isn’t the first piece of casework I’ve received today).


  4. Congratulations on the results in Bramcote.

    Can I also please give my thanks to Martin Plackett for his work over the past 4 years too.

    We worked together when we had the Travellers on Bramcote Park and when people approached me with issues in Bramcote and I passed them onto him he always went out of his way to help them resolve those issues.

    So thank you Martin and again well done the others on the result.


  5. I would like to endorse Richard’s comment about Martin Plackett. I know him well and I like him. He worked hard for Bramcote people. Thank you Martin. The advantage of the new situation is that there will now be three councillors working hard for Bramcote along with numerous others supporting them in the background. The contrast will soon become obvious to everyone.


  6. I too would like to pay my compliments to Martin Plackett for his hard work for Bramcote over the last period and the effort he has made to no avail to have something done about the exit from Town Street on to the A52 roundabout. His interest and actions in the interests of Bramcote residents will be greatly missed. I t is perhaps a great pity that he is not a member of the Liberal Democrats otherwise I am sure he would have been re-elected. However, I am sure we shall have great value from our new and current Councillors for whom congratulations are due for re-establishing the representation we had when Bramcote residents voted previously for the Liberal Democrats . One issue I recently raised with Martin which he passed on to Council officials with a request that they reply to me is still awaiting that reply, I will wait another week or so and if no reply is forthcoming and after giving them time to settle in will have to take it up with one of my new Councillors.


  7. No Steve, it is not County Council matter, I am fully aware of who is responsible for what., though I must admit I did have correspondence re the matter of Town Street exit with a Borough Councillor as I said in my last contribution as he had taken a lead in the A52 position dealing with Highways England and that exit although not their responsibility from a safety point is as much their concern as it that of the County. As regards the other matter I shall get in touch with David as he suggests if no reply from Broxtowe is rexeived.


  8. Can our Lib-Dem Councillors now guarantee that they will commit themselves to Bramcote residents and will not be seeking Parliamentary seats.


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