Labour Party Statement re Candidate Standing in Bramcote Ward

Alex Allan, Labour Party Candidate for the Bramcote Ward, Broxtowe Borough Council writes: Bramcote Residents may have received a Liberal Democrats campaign leaflet through their door today, criticising me as a candidate for The Labour Party in Bramcote for not providing my full home address. I would like to take this opportunity to confirm that I do live in Bramcote and have done so for most of my life.

The rule on providing a full home address was changed a number of years ago for safety reasons, and to encourage people to stand who may not have otherwise stood. There are many reasons, usually due to safety, why a candidate may choose not to disclose their full home address. The choice not to disclose this personal information is one that many of our women candidates have welcomed due to their personal circumstances. I am one of those candidates.

I am disappointed that the Liberal Democrats have used this negative campaign strategy to bully and criticise me as a female candidate for exercising my legal right to privacy, particularly given there are six Liberal Democrat Candidates who have chosen not to list their address on the statement of person’s nominated.

I would ask voters to consider the positive Labour Party Pledges when making their voting decision. These are available for all to view at:


Alex Allan


Promoted by and for Alex Allan, Charis Kettridge and Val Leyland all at 17D Radburn Court, Stapleford, NG9 8LE


  1. Well said Alex, shouldn’t have needed saying but unfortunately it was used as a political slur in order to gain votes. Shameful.

    We need more young women in politics especially locally, please don’t let this put you off.

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  2. The wording in our leaflet is as follows.

    “All three Liberal Democrat candidates live in Bramcote. The Conservatives are asking you to vote for a candidate from Trowell and Labour won’t even tell you where one of their candidates lives.”

    1. We haven’t named said candidate.
    2. We have been factual.
    3. There is nothing remotely sexist or misogynistic about this comment.

    Claims of bullying are very serious. As a person who suffered bullying on a regular basis at work, I can state with knowledge that Labour are totally over reacting here. In fact the amount of abuse, vitriol and false accusations Liberal Democrat members have endured all day from some Labour Party members DOES constitute bullying.

    I really do suggest that the Labour Party agents get a grip on their members and tell them to stop their constant abuse of Liberal Democrat members in Bramcote.

    This has really underlined for us just how much the Labour Party has changed since Corbyn became leader and Momentum have taken control of the Broxtowe Party.

    That is our final word on this issue.


    1. Feel free to provide evidence of your, typically hysterical, claims. Should *any* of our members be proved to have acted in the manner you claim then I can assure you that that will be taken very seriously by the party.

      However, given your long and well-established mastery of the half-truth, smear and distortion, I confidently predict no such evidence will ever be forthcoming from you.

      In the meantime, feel free to follow Broxtowe Labour’s example and, instead of negative campaigning & unsubstantiated smearing, tell us what *you* positively propose for the benefit of the electorate in Broxtowe.

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      1. Mr Paterson,

        I do not want to step into the cross party sniping but would like to address your final and most welcome challenge.

        Bramcote needs the review of the Aligned Core Strategy to result in a substantial and rapid reduction in the overall housing target until 2028. Otherwise build out rates Broxtowe has never achieved will be needed to avoid falling short on the five year land supply. If that supply is not in place then planning policies become out of date and Broxtowe’s ability to manage where development takes place is very weak.
        Bramcote has already been affected as a result of this through the outline permission granted on appeal to the former golf course.

        It would be great if all nine candidates individually and today could comment on this as we head to the polls tomorrow.


  3. Thank you for enabling Alex to clarify her position, Bramcote Today. I’m sorry that there have been problems for you in ascertaining the facts. Rest assured that the Labour team will focus on the positives in our manifesto and not engage in criticism of others. I’m sure this approach is appreciated by Bramcote residents.

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  4. It’s interesting how you use lies (neither Alex nor I are members of momentum) and gaslighting to deflect from your own behaviour Steve. I won’t be intimidated by it.

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  5. Good on you Alex for having the courage to speak out, it really shouldn’t have been necessary.

    Politics need more young women especially locally please don’t let this political slur put you off, times are changing & other parties will hopefully catch up.

    Hope you win. 🤞🤞🤞

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  6. I’m not sure why the Lib-Dems are creating such a fuss. I’ve looked on Broxtowe Borough Council’s website at every ward and notice that some Lib-Dem candidates have witheld their addresses.

    Also, the last borough elections, 2015, fell on the same day as a general election. If my memory serves me right, 2 of the then Bramcote Lib-Dem candidates, including one of the present hopefuls, were contesting 2 Lincolnshire parliamentary consituencies.

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  7. In response to Paul Nathanail’s request:
    I was not personally involved when the Aligned Core Strategy was drawn up but I understand it involves several local councils. The opportunity to revisit how housing need was assessed and distributed between and within the areas concerned would need to be undertaken with rigour. Yes, we all agree new housing is needed, but what type and where has to be re-examined in the light of recent developments and updated information. The work you yourself have done would be an invaluable resource and I for one would seek (if elected) to develop close partnerships with all who have expertise to offer. The figures you shared at the last Neighbourhood Forum meeting demonstrated how at risk we could be from a developers’ free for all. All of us who care passionately about our local area must work to prevent this.

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