Comment from Cllr Martin Plackett.

Cllr Martin Plackett writes:-   ‘As we seek your support at the poll next Thursday 2nd May we again pledge ourselves if re-elected as Ward Councillors to continue, as we have done these last 4 years, to serve and support ALL Bramcote residents.’

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Printed and published on behalf of Andrew Britton, John Doddy, and Martin Plackett by Sylvia Gillespie Bell of Station Road Beeston


  1. Well Martin,
    You won last time on a pledge to maintain the Green Belt, decrying our option , upheld by the High court, to take 2% out in order to meet the target imposed by the government. Our decision was upheld by the High Court. The subsequent reviews and wind and water expressed by your fellow travelers gave us a stitch up.
    Now we are friends outside of politics: don’t defend the corner you put yourself in and the bumptious wind bag from Nuthall.


  2. Is this another political promise, Mr Plackett, like your guarantee, 4 years ago, that you’ll stand firm against any loss of Green Belt land?
    It’s so sad that people like you, will say anything to get elected. You don’t seem to recognise that there is NO difference between political lies and real lies. But perhaps you don’t care.
    That’s why we are given the false promise on behalf of yourself and John Doddy and Andrew Britton. The truth is that Tory’s serve only themselves and ignore the other folk.


  3. So sorry Patrick to read your comments.

    My service to BRAMCOTE and it’s residents has been and would continue to be if re-selected on Thursday has been/will be my first priority. and certainly NOT for self interest

    My personal defence of Bramcote’s Greenbelt by pressing the Council to reverse its original plans to take the Bramcote Park and the Running Track out of the Greenbelt are undisputed

    There was no point scoring on my part over Speed monitoring Devices on the A52 just an underlinement of my continuing commitment to the Scheme.


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