News from Anna Soubry MP – 26 April 2019

Hello again,
I very much hope you enjoyed the Easter break. Unfortunately, my constituency office has been without internet access for almost two weeks so please bear with us as we do all we can to ensure BT provide the service you and my team deserve and need.

Next Thursday Broxtowe takes to the polls with the elections for councillors to serve on Broxtowe Borough Council. I would urge you to vote and remember to take ID with you (details below). A record of hard work, service to their community, honourable behaviour and moderate centrist views are my tests for any candidate of whatever political party. The choice is of course yours.

As ever, Anna

Illegal Horse Fair in Nuthall

An illegal Horse Fair is being held on land off Woodhouse Way in Nuthall this weekend. 

I have spoken to the land owner (a Birmingham based property company) which had no knowledge of the event until contacted by a local resident. The organisers are staging the Fair for the travelling community; they do not have permission to hold the event and on that basis I believe it to be unlawful. However, although the land owners have instructed their solicitors, at this late stage the event cannot be stopped. Given it is private land, this is not a police matter. 

I am deeply saddened and concerned that a number of shops, pubs and restaurants in the Nuthall area will be closed due to the event. Every business has a right to trade within the law and we all have a right to be able to use a shop, restaurant or pub. Broxtowe’s most senior police officer Inspector Simon Riley has assured me that he has no greater concern for anyone’s safety than he would in similar circumstances – for example a rave or music festival involving an influx of thousands of people. 

Accordingly, Inspector Riley has told me the police are NOT advising business to close this weekend.
However, the police and Nottinghamshire County Council do have concerns about the large numbers of extra vehicles in the area and I share their concern in what is an already congested part of the constituency. 

This morning some 50 vehicles were on the field. The event finishes on Sunday and the organisers say the site (which includes portaloos) will be cleared by Monday.

Given we are in an election period I would urge everyone to be alert to candidates making exaggerated claims and exploiting the situation for political gain. 

Inspector Riley assures me no community enjoys special favours – his duty is to our local community and keeping people safe and our roads accessible is his priority. 

Alderman Pounder School Visit

I was delighted to visit Alderman Pounder Infants in Chilwell this morning and again discuss the very worrying issue of parking and road safety in the mornings and afternoons, when children are entering and leaving school. 

Alderman Pounder is understandably popular attracting children from outside its catchment area. It means many parents have no alternatives than to use their cars to take and collect their children and its a similar problem for the neighbouring Eskdale Juniors. I do believe the school has done all it can to minimise the problem. Now we need Nottinghamshire County Council to step up I will write to them and request an urgent safety assessment of the area.

Alderman Pounder has a pupil Government including a Prime Minister. He is Max Pitt (very much the younger!) and it was Max’s idea to raise funds for their wonderful “race track”. It means every pupil gets at least one ten minute run every day and all thanks to an anonymous donor who funded the £6,500 track which has just opened. 

Akil Shortlisted for Ingenuity 19.

Former Kimberley School student Akil Kings made the top 40 in a prestigious competition held by Nottingham University. The Ingenuity 19 awards celebrate enterprise and entrepreneurship. 

I first came across Akil when he was 14 and I was very proud to join him last night in celebrating his success at the awards ceremony in Nottingham.

My Work in Parliament.

There has been very little debate and no legislation in Parliament this week as the Brexit crisis continues to paralyse the Government. 

Yesterday I added my support on behalf of ChangeUK to a proposal from the Liberal Democrat’s to hold a joint opposition day debate. You can read my contribution here or watch it here

I also participated in a debate on the electoral registration of EU citizens in next months. European Parliament elections. Read it here or watch here.


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