installation of the speed camera controls along the A52

Steve Carr writes: I have seen many comments on Bramcote Today concerning the installation of the speed camera controls along the A52.

I have spoken to the Highways Agency again today for a further update. They have advised me that the scheme is still scheduled for this financial year BUT the budget still hasn’t been signed off by the Department of Transport. I expressed my disappointment at this but was assured by the person I spoke to that is was “her baby” and she was determined to deliver it on time. I will be speaking to Anna Soubry about this tomorrow.

I have to say that the petition has been a success because it was community led. I for one door knocked in the part of Beeston North that borders the A52. The Liberal Democrats have always been factual about the scheme and have avoided trying to gain political capital out of it. It is a shame then that Martin Plackett has described it as “our pledge to ensure the results of our Petition.”

I know it is currently political silly season but it isn’t helpful if community led activities are claimed by one party or another. In fact it is downright unhealthy.

I am sure Martin has made a genuine mistake and would like to put the matter straight by confirming that it was not a Conservative Party petition and the word “our” was in fact referring to communities in Bramcote and Beeston North. 

Councillor Steve Carr


  1. Like Steve I have had similar if not the same comments from Highays England and am disappointed that a date for installation has yet to be offered. I certainly reiterate my pledge to continue to press for soonest delivery of the Scheme for this busy and dangerous urban stretch of the A 52 in Bramcote.

    Of course the Petition was community based led and organised by the late Tony Smith and he like me were very grateful to the folk who collected signatures and especially to those who signed.

    Of the 1600 signatures which our Member of Parliament presented to Parliament I personally over a daily 6 week period collected 1120 of the total and feel therefore I can claim some small credit for the result.
    We all, as a Community look forward in the near future to the works being completed.


  2. I’m grateful to hear progress is still being made, I hope to see the budget approved and that work gets started as soon as possible. Being a resident near the A52, close to the fatal accident near cow lane, it’s astonishing that I can often be woken in the night of the sound of vehicles traveling at what must be incredible high speed for that stretch of road, it’s a worry that another incident could happen.


    1. Sadly, it is not only at night. The ‘break the limit’ speed merchants, operate at any time and justify their actions in the most ludicrous ways. They resist cameras and heavy fines, because they feel empowered to do whatever they like whenever it suits them.
      I am not grateful to hear progress is being made: I am concerned and angered at the apathy shown by politicians, and their petty point scoring, and Highways England delaying and delaying, when further loss of human lives are at risk


  3. Thank you Rebecca and Patrick for your very valid comments. Just the sort of information to pass on to Highways England to hopefully hastened the commencement of the Scheme


    1. My criticism was not just directed towards Highways England for their prevarication, but to local politicians for trying to score petty political points when there is a potential loss of life situation – the ‘I collected more signatures than you did’ – like little children in the playground.


  4. Just wanted to thank Martin and Steve for continuing to put pressure on the Highways Agency. (Unfortunately, I think the only way to get the work done is by keeping it on their radar.) We can all achieve so much more when we work together as one community, transcending party politics, which are largely irrelevant in these kind of situations. Shame a similar approach wasn’t taken with Brexit…

    And just to reinforce the comments above, it really is only a matter of time before another serious accident happens, particularly on the stretch that rises up to the leisure centre and roundabout. Usual speeding vehicles have been out in force tonight, as they were yesterday, and last week, the week before that etc. Some people argue there’s no need for cameras, what’s the harm with doing 45 in a 40 zone etc. The issue is that the drivers in question are doing 60+ in a 40 zone, backed on to by people’s drive ways, bus stops etc.


  5. I was in contact with HE in early April to find out the latest position and the HE e mail to me of 24 April says “We’re very hopeful that the money to build the scheme will also be available, however this is still subject to confirmation as there are significant pressures on our budgets for this financial year. Also, our programme remains indicative until space on the network is confirmed as available to build the scheme”

    Therefore, can I ask all who will be elected tomorrow to give an undertaking that they will continue to put pressure on HE and our MP to get the scheme installed. This should be the first thing on their “to do”list.
    In addition could they also write directly to the Secretary of State for Transport to tell him of the problems on the A52.
    And, in addition could they also encourage our MP to work alongside Lilian Greenwood the MP for the A52 from QMC to our Bramcote boundary. Remember that two people died here in Lilians area also in 2016. Joined up pressure is need to get someting done. Lilian is Chair of the all party Transort Committee and today they are taking evidence on Local Road funding and in the future Road Safety
    Lastly, the deaths in Bramcote happened in December 2016 and despite the petition by the late Tony Smith little appears to have actually happened. The e mail response above looks like kicking the can down the road again and politicians need to be proactive of this serious issue for Bramcote residents.
    This is a non party issue and everyone should work together


  6. I have been in contact with our M P this week advising her of Bramcote folks ‘patience iwearing very thin’ and their ‘anxiety again of racing cars making another fatality a reality’
    Have asked her to contact the Secretary of State for Transport for his intervention.


  7. A nasty looking accident on the A52 earlier this evening, at least one person taken to hospital by ambulance. Action is required.


  8. My reply from the Highways Agency received May 1st… Thoughts anyone?

    Customer Enquiry 11021149/19059808

    A52 Speed Management

    Thank you for your enquiry dated 19 April with regard to speed management on the A52 in Beeston and Bramcote. I’ve asked our Safety Team for their input as below.

    The implementation of this scheme has to fit within the wider delivery programme for the East Midlands which means we cannot give a definitive timescale yet.

    The scheme has passed value for money assessments and money is available this financial year for final detailed design and construction preparation. We’re very hopeful that the money to build the scheme will also be available.

    However this is still subject to confirmation as there are significant pressures on our budgets for this year. Our programme of works remains indicative until space on the network is confirmed as available to build the scheme.

    I’m sorry I can’t be more specific at this time but please be assured that we are pushing to get more certainty over the timing of this scheme as soon as possible. It is my intention that this scheme will go ahead as soon as the budgets and the road space issues are confirmed.

    We don’t have any plans at present to change the existing 40mph speed limit on the A52. There was no justification in the accident record for doing so at this time and the 40mph limit is deemed appropriate for the road and the volume of traffic using it. This may be revisited in the future if any new development or traffic patterns mean the existing traffic situation changes.

    We trust that this sufficiently answers your enquiry, but if want to discuss this any further please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Once again we thank you for contacting us.
    If you require any further information please contact us via the Highways England Customer Contact Centre. They’re available 24 hours a day by phone: 0300 123 5000 or by email or visit the Highways England website at

    Kind regards

    Carol Scholten – Customer Correspondence Executive
    Highways England | Stirling House (Area 7) | Lakeside Court, Osier Drive | Sherwood Business Park | Nottingham | NG15 0DS


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