Gypsy horse fair expected to arrive in Nottinghamshire, bringing up to 10,000 visitors

Residents and businesses in and around Nuthall say they are preparing for up to 10,000 people to visit the area for a new horse fair.

Previously held in Kenilworth, the gypsy horse fair has advertised its new location on Facebook as “straight off M1 junction 26, three miles off Bulwell, Nottinghamshire.”

The exact location of the event is unknown, but the post code directs motorists to a residential area off Woodhouse Way, in Nuthall.

The event is planned for this weekend, April 27 and April 28, with the fair expected to be set up on Thursday, April 25.

For more details, read the full article from Nottinghamshire Live.

Broxtowe Borough Council have reported:

Following concerns raised by local residents and businesses, Broxtowe Borough Council called a meeting of the Safety Advisory Group to co-ordinate a response to ensure the safety of residents and attendees of the Horse Fair. 
The group consisted of officers from Broxtowe Borough Council, Nottinghamshire Police, East Midlands Ambulance Service, Nottinghamshire County Council, and the local Highways Management company Via.
Members of the group are meeting with the organisers of the Fair on Wednesday 24th April to discuss their plans and advise how to make the event as safe as possible for everyone.
As with all large events, police officers are being deployed into the local communities for the duration to engage with people locally and to provide reassurance.

There are many comments against their Facebook page showing concern.

The Mornington Crescent estate Nuthall Nottingham Facebook page is also full of comments and concerns.



  1. Anna Soubry:
    An illegal Horse Fair is being held on land off Woodhouse Way in Nuthall this weekend.

    I have spoken to the land owner (a Birmingham based property company) which had no knowledge of the event until contacted by a local resident. The organisers are staging the Fair for the travelling community; they do not have permission to hold the event and on that basis I believe it to be unlawful. However, although the land owners have instructed their solicitors, at this late stage the event cannot be stopped. Given it is private land, this is not a police matter.

    I am deeply saddened and concerned that a number of shops, pubs and restaurants in the Nuthall area will be closed due to the event. Every business has a right to trade within the law and we all have a right to be able to use a shop, restaurant or pub. Broxtowe’s most senior police officer Inspector Simon Riley has assured me that he has no greater concern for anyone’s safety than he would in similar circumstances – for example a rave or music festival involving an influx of thousands of people.

    Accordingly, Inspector Riley has told me the police are NOT advising business to close this weekend.
    However, the police and Nottinghamshire County Council do have concerns about the large numbers of extra vehicles in the area and I share their concern in what is an already congested part of the constituency.

    This morning some 50 vehicles were on the field. The event finishes on Sunday and the organisers say the site (which includes portaloos) will be cleared by Monday.

    Given we are in an election period I would urge everyone to be alert to candidates making exaggerated claims and exploiting the situation for political gain.

    Inspector Riley assures me no community enjoys special favours – his duty is to our local community and keeping people safe and our roads accessible is his priority.


  2. Come down and see for yourself’ – organisers of huge horse fair respond to concerns:

    The promoter of a horse fair which has caused concerns amongst local residents and business has said they “don’t want any trouble” and the event will be “the safest place on Earth”.

    The fair is set to be held this weekend in Nuthall, just off junction 26 of the M1, and caravans were seen pulling into the site on Wednesday night (April 24).

    Potentially thousands of visitors are set to arrive at the event, which has sparked concern from locals, with some nearby businesses even planning on closing for the weekend.

    It has also been reported that the landowners, Horton Estates Ltd, has not given permission for the fair to go ahead, despite the organisers saying they have signed a lease.

    Read for further details.


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