Please Help Stapleford Community Group To Help Others

I was kindly invited by Stan Heptinstall to attend a breakfast in Bramcote this morning and would like to say thank you to all involved.  

It was a lovely breakfast enjoyed by all with great conversation too.  

One of the things I spoke about to some of the gentleman there was the work that Stapleford Community Group do with the #StaplefordFoodProject and I was asked how can people help and make donations.  

I explained how we are trying to fund raise and was asked if I could share the information.:

We need storage space, we have space we can use but need to have it made level and then build a storage until, we have been quoted £2,000 to have this done. We also need to eventually purchase a van as the car we have been using is starting to become damaged due to the amount of use it receives and it’s not made for the job we use it for. So if we can raise a further £10,000 we can purchase a suitable van. So we are asking can you help us to raise the £12,000 target we have set. Yes it’s a lot of money to raise but we are sure with your help and support we can do this which in turn will mean we can help many more people by being able to collect more food and get it to those in need.

Many thanks and once again thank you to Stan and all who organised the breakfast this  morning. 

Richard  MacRae 

Stapleford Community Group 

0774 034 4427


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