1. Paul – could you clarify whether you are asking for Labour’s plans for the whole of Broxtowe or specifically our area?
    The latest Labour Today leaflet is currently being delivered to all Broxtowe households (have you received yours yet?) and contains Labour’s manifesto on the inside pages.


    1. Val,

      Since you ask, Both!

      Bramcote faces a number of challenges and threats in the coming few years and we need councillors who will speak for Bramcote residents – perhaps against the party line.

      And this election is about who will control the review of the aligned core strategy – a strategy that if it is wrong will result in changes to the face of Broxtowe – and Bramcote – that will be lived with for generations.

      Look forward to hearing what you and your fellow candidates have in mind and what the Party vision for the whole of Broxtowe is.


      PS No leaflet received yet


    1. Susan – thanks for the link – I must confess to finding it bizarre that the leaflet is only available as a low resolution PNG file that is hard to read.

      For the benefit of others, the FOUR statements of intent from Labour for Broxtowe are:
      1. Get Broxtowe building again by rolling out a mass housebuilding programme
      2. Set up democratic forums for you to have a say in how the police work in your area
      3. Drive investment on our high streets to help our local businesses and town centres
      4. Protect and enhance our green spaces and environment

      Forgive me if I have missed anything but I cannot decipher any of the other text on the image.



  2. Here’s the Broxtowe Labour Manifesto:

    • We will build new Council houses and affordable homes to meet the needs of our community.
    • We will build a range of new dementia friendly and accessible housing for residents with disabilities.
    • We will protect vital jobs in social are, such as ‘retirement living officer’ posts, ensuring that people care for our older and most vulnerable residents.
    • Our housing service will respond quickly to residents, helping protect against homelessness and providing a rapid repairs service.

    A Strong Local Economy
    • We will support town centre investment, bringing back shop front improvement grants and developing locally responsive business rates, meaning that businesses can flourish.
    • We will use the advent of HS2 to put Broxtowe at the heart of an East Midlands regeneration programme, including using the opportunity to develop Bennerley Sidings as a rail freight interchange and maintenance depot.
    • We will continue to support the development of Beeston Phase 2, bringing inward investment into the town.
    • We will support any potential extension of the tram through to Kimberley and Eastwood.

    Leisure and our Environment
    • Our leisure services will be brought back under full democratic control.
    • We will invest in parks and open spaces, and better access to our wonderful countryside.
    We will also introduce wildlife corridors in our strategic developments.
    • We will invest in improving recycling rates
    • We will use the voice of the Council to campaign against fracking and opencast mining in Broxtowe.

    Safer Communities
    • We will work with the police to establish local forums to deal with crime in every community.
    • We will reinstate the domestic violence support officer.
    • We will help introduce a programme of education and direct action to support young people involved with drugs and anti-social behaviour.
    • We value our communities and will work hard to ensure our estates are clean, well-maintained and free of crime.
    • We will provide support for families suffering the effects of anti-social behaviour.

    Support for our Residents
    • We will work closely with local charities and organisations to help residents in mitigating the effect of Universal Credit.
    • We will work to promote affordable finance to local residents through close partnership work with credit unions.
    • We will bring back ‘cash office’ style payment facilities and information centres in each of the major town centres.
    • No compulsory Council redundancies or further cuts to jobs and services.

    More comments regarding the local situation yet to come…


    1. Val

      Couple of quick queries:

      Where is this published please?

      Why is there no mention of green belt? The previous labour led council led the removal of Land from the green belt at field farm and the leader of the Labour group speaking at the full council meeting that voted to submit Local Plan part 2 spoke about Bramcote needing to take its share of pain and that housing on Bramcote’s green belt should happen come what may.

      I am sure other queries will crop up from me or others.




      1. Paul – this is published on the Broxtowe Labour website and the link to a more legible version is now posted on this website.
        Regarding green belt: it is Labour policy to maintain it unless there is a really pressing argument to amend it slightly. But it’s not just about green belt, it’s about all green spaces and wildlife resources. See my other comments. Regards decisions made in the past, you and I would need to ask those involved at the time, as I was not. You have said there’s not much point going over the past, we need to focus on going forward. This is why the opportunity to revisit the Aligned Core Strategy is so important. At least, if elected, there would be a strong voice within Labour and the Council to put up strong arguments for Bramcote to continue to be a good place to live, work and bring up children.
        Regards Labour’s housebuilding plans: this is a commitment to recommence a programme of social housing provision since the current administration has built none. Other authorities are successfully tapping into central government funds to assist in the provision of lower cost social rented housing and we could learn from their example. Private rents are too high for lower paid people to afford and Housing Benefit often doesn’t cover the whole cost for those on benefits. The ‘bedroom tax’ exacerbates the problem. In my opinion, we don’t need lots more expensive homes like those at Baxter Green, we need eco-friendly modest homes at a realistic rent or price that will be affordable for our children and grandchildren and more single storey homes for less mobile people.


  3. Paul – here are some thoughts about the local situation:

    When the new Council is elected, the cycle of re-examining the Aligned Core Strategy regarding housing need and land availability will be a key task. Several developments will affect future plans, such as the delay in releasing land at Chetwynd Barracks as well as any HS2 development. The figure of 6150 new homes for Broxtowe needs to be re-examined and if necessary updated in light of the new provision that has already been achieved and Broxtowe must do this in partnership with the other Councils that are part of the overall strategy. We will continue to maintain a robust land use plan going forwards to ensure that developers cannot ride rough-shod over residents’ priorities. It has been pointed out that it seems unfair that Bramcote is expected to shoulder a heavy burden of 10% of the whole of Broxtowe’s future housing allocation.

    Labour are committed to retaining green belt in most circumstances as well as local green space and wildlife corridors. Any development must take account of the effects of pollution, traffic congestion and infrastructure requirements as well as stipulate high quality building standards and ensuring houses are able to be adapted to occupants’ needs over their lifetime.

    Public transport connectivity is key to promoting the development of a thriving economy and encouraging people to leave their cars at home whenever possible. Thus, new developments must be accessible to buses and links to the tram network need to be improved.

    The new school will offer a great opportunity for community use and involvement which Labour would hope to foster; one suggestion is to create a Toy Library.

    You mention speaking for Bramcote residents, perhaps against party lines. People join a party they feel affiliation with in terms of values and aims but no one person will agree with every policy or plan. In case of disagreement, it’s important to have frank and thorough discussions before coming to a debate and a vote. It will be vital for Bramcote that the facts are clearly understood and analysed, also that the bigger picture is kept in mind, for example, it’s all very well having 300 or 500 houses to the east of Coventry Lane, but to add in 240 to the west, in addition to the 450 currently being built in neighbouring Stapleford, alters the overall picture considerably.

    What we promise to do is to argue strongly for principles and policies that will represent our ward and deliver in the interests of all across Broxtowe.

    Val leyland, Charis Kettridge and Alex Allan


    1. Val,

      “Labour are committed to retaining green belt in most circumstances ”

      Can you point me to where in the Broxtowe leaflet it says this please? In what sort of circumstances would Labour consider green belt should not be retained?

      Given you raise the Coventry Lane housing figures, would you and other labour councillors vote against the local plan Part 2 when it comes before the new council if it retains the allocation of green belt for housing on either side of Coventry Lane?



      PS Please realise Bramcote is NOT getting a “new” school – it is getting a replacement school building. And Bramcote is being asked to ‘pay’ for it by losing green belt. What Bramcote residents want is confidence that the council owned leisure centre will remain and if need be replaced in Bramcote – whatever happens in Toton.


      1. Paul

        The Labour Party is committed to protecting the green belt in a controlled way which meets our core strategy and local plan responsibilities and also prevents rogue developers building outside these constraints where a 5-year land supply doesn’t exist. This was introduced under Labour led Broxtowe in the previous administration, the policy being upheld twice at public inspection.

        It’s important to say that this doesn’t mean 100% protection of the green belt but it does mean that approx 98.6% is protected. This partly recognises the projected housing development needs of the authority which we believe is an important strand of our manifesto – ensuring all our residents have good quality, decent, affordable homes to live in.

        Of course other parties who have proclaimed a 100% protection of the green belt have come unstuck over the last term with several “green belt” developments being approved through the planning committee.

        The priority for Labour will always be to seek to develop on brownfield sites first.

        The Local Plan Part 2 has not yet been produced in its final form and when it is, I shall study it carefully (whether or not elected). I note that, back in 2014, one reason for arguing for the land west of Coventry Lane to be allowed to be built on was that it would not significantly encroach on the green space between settlements, however, with so much house building to the east of Coventry Lane, that argument is lost. I believe green belt should be protected wherever possible.

        I take your point that the new school building will be a replacement, not an additional school. Any surplus proceeds from the sale of the playing fields by Nottinghamshire County Council to fund the Whitehills Park Federation Trust school building will revert to Notts CC, and as far as I can tell, would not be ring-fenced for use in Bramcote, specifically for a refurbished or replacement Leisure Centre. The land to produce this money is being (grudgingly) sacrificed by Bramcote residents because we realise a replacement school building is long overdue (and would have been built by now if Michael Gove hadn’t axed the Building Schools for the Future programme). Therefore I feel it is imperative for the new Council to endeavour to enter into some sort of legally binding arrangement with Notts CC to ensure that all surplus money is spent locally.



  4. Sorry Val but your Leader at Broxtowe openly stated that Labour would build on the school playing fields in any circumstances. I think there were many in the public gallery that witnessed it.


  5. Also. Liberal Democrat councillors are never whipped. This leaves them open to represent the people in their ward despite what their party tells them to do, It is a shame that Labour seem to put party discipline ahead of the people they represent.


      1. Strangely enough I have sat in meetings with Labour where their councillors openly told me that they had been told which way to vote, and that’s even under the current leader.


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