1. May we first draw your attention to our Borough Manifesto offering a record of delivery, a promise of more, together with our Plan for Broxtowe.

    Specifically for BRAMCOTE Andrew BRITTON, John DODDY and Martin PLACKETT pledge if elected again to continue to use every possible opportunity, venue or setting to engage with residents. In addition as now following up matters as soon as possible raised with them by phone, letter or e-mail. Listening to their concerns be they be personal or Ward issues and where necessary ‘taking up’ with the appropriate Authority., for the last 4 years has been our privilege. Regular ‘In Touch’ leaflets will again be a priority and to continue engaging with BRAMCOTE Today readers!

    We would continue the quarterly Community Action Team meetings engaging and ensuring that the Police and other Community Groups are offered the opportunity to update for the benefit of residents.

    We will continue to work with our hard working Neighbourhood Forum seeking to ensure that BRAMCOTE is best severed not least as the plans for the Coventry Lane development are proposed. ensuring that environmental concerns are given priority consideration in the planning..

    It would be our intention to seek at every possible opportunity open to us to ensure that at any Aligned Core Stratergy discussions later this year with neighbouring local Authorities Broxtowe’s allocation of new build figures are kept to a minimum taking into account the high figure of 6150 homes accepted by the pre 2015 Council so protecting BRAMCOTE’S remaining green spaces.

    Our pledge to strive to maintain our well used and much loved Leisure facilities by pressing the Borough Council to undertake a complete structural survey of the Leisure Centre with the hope it’s life may be extended into the future has already been completed. We eagerly await the results pledging to press the County Council to offer to the Borough Council some IF any surplus monies available from the Coventry Lane development and the new school build towards Leisure facilities in the Ward. In addition to the new 21st century new School building a further pay back for the loss of Greenbelt.

    We would continue to maintain our very good relationship and engage with the Executive Head of the WHF of Schools ensuring that his offer of community involvement in the plans for the new building offering a separate entrance for community use will be honoured.

    Planning issues too would continue to be a priority supporting or opposing plans on individual properties or developments. Not least in helping to preserve the historic BRAMCOTE Conservation Area from from unsuitable or unnecessary building.

    Thank you for reading theses pledges and ask you to consider supporting us on the 2nd May giving us again the opportunity to serve the community in which we live, love and/or are daily engaged.

    Sincerely yours,


    Promoted by S Gillespie Bell on behalf of A Britton, J Doddy, and M Plackett of 146 Station Road Beeston


    1. Making planning decisions a political football is counter productive . Planning inspectors are charged with ensuring due diligence has been pursued in the formulation and application of the government’s policy in regard to housing need .
      Keep in mind that Inspectors are there to ensure that the government of the day is adhering to its policy of meeting housing needs in a correct and legal manner. They are not neutral.
      So the starting point of any appeal against an Inspector’s view is circumscribed by their obligation to their employer – the ruling government. That gives odds of 2 to 1 in their favour.
      If councils wish to protest decisions, it needs to be on realistic and justifiable grounds vis a vis the social and community implications..
      Party Political opportunism to engender false hope of countering the law of the land is futile, as shewn with our current adopted plan, confirmed and ratified by the High Court judgment in 2015.
      Answer, agree a joint party response with reasoned arguments. All party recommendations will carry more weight . There are no political winners on planning decisions: whatever the outcome , someone will feel feel thwarted. Think community, not party.



  2. Addendum to our previous pledges:-

    Further to our successful 1600 signatures Petition presented to Parliament we will continue to press Highways England to instal speed monitoring devices as soon as possible on our busy and dangerous urban stretch of the A52 in Bramcote.

    We will continue to encourage residents to raise concerns and issues directly with us for appropriate action/s between Comuunitity Action Team Meetings rather than wait for the quarterly gatherings Also as we have done over the last 4 years invite to the well attended and much appreciated CAT meetings the Executive Head of WHF of Schools for School updates, the Chairs of the proposed Cafe in the Park and Bramcote’s Neighbourhood Forum to update on their meetings actions and progress. Not least our local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator will continue to be encouraged to offer her informative and helpful report on local and in particular Bramcote issues.

    It will be our intention to continue to support the present Broxtowe Borough Council’s Part 2 Plan giving the Borough its 5 year land supply so protecting our Greenbelt from further development not least in Bramcote. Failure to do so would leave all our precious green spaces open to speculative development as well recognised by the principle Opposition on the Council when supporting the Plan.
    The loss of the Coventry Lane site for development however does give Bramcote a new 21st century School for the benefit of the whole community without which the building would not be possible. Our hopes too for possible monies being made available from this site for leisure facilities remains our aspiration as previously pledged.
    Our commitment to the protection of Bramcote’s Greenbelt can best be underlined by our determination to seek to amend the original proposal of taking our much loved and beautiful BRAMCOTE Park and the Moor Lane Running Track out of the Greenbelt.. This proposal was successfully amended against the odds and they remain IN the Greenbelt.

    POSITIVE pledges we would if reelected continue to persue . Overall polices we believe will continue to make Bramcote the place to live, work and play.

    Thank you again for reading theses additions as we again seek your support in May.

    Sincerely yours,

    Andrew,, John, and Martin.

    Promoted by S Gillespie Bell on behalf of A Britton, J Doddy and M Plackett of 146 Station Road Beeston.


  3. Yes Paul. I believe our record in fighting to return the Park and Running Track into the Greenbelt after it was originally taken out underlines that commitment. Near 100 persent attendance at Neighbourhood Forum meetings these last three years I would certainly wish to continue so listening to residents views helping personal Council decision making such as you ask.


  4. Martin – thanks for confirming that if elected the three councillors would vote against any further reductions in Bramcote’s green belt.

    As for the Neighbourhood Forum, we will continue to work with all our elected representatives – of whatever party political persuasion, or indeed of none.


  5. Alan, I refer you to our pledge to ensure the results of our Petition are honoured by Highways England. Like you I share your frustration at the length of time being taken before the work to install the speed monitoring devices are commenced.
    So many benefits from the hoped for reducttion in speeding on the A 52 not least our hope that such a reduction will reduce the dangers of traffic exiting from Town Street on to the Sherwin Island.


    1. Martin.

      My understanding was that it was not a Conservative petition. You should be aware that I door knocked in parts of Beeston North and there was nothing on the petition to indicate it was political. Indeed, the organisers of the petition advised me directly it would not be used for party political gain which was absolutely the right thing to do.

      Claiming this petition as your own party’s would be a betrayal of joint working for the good of Bramcote residents. Please clarify.




  6. I see that the Conservatives are still using the “Record of Action, Promise of More” slogan which they lifted straight from the Liberal Democrat literature. If only they would honour it.


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