Extra CCTV car to keep kids safe outside schools

Drivers who put children at risk by parking dangerously outside schools are more likely to be fined after the County Council agreed to third CCTV enforcement car for Nottinghamshire.

You can make a request for our CCTV vehicle enforcement service to visit your school by completing this online form. For details click here.

This service aims to tackle dangerous parking at schools in Nottinghamshire.

Alternatively you can contact us by:


    1. OK I’m not living in Bramcote but I feel that the remit about parking and school safety does not go far enough. These cars should not only get fines issued for parking on markings and yellow lines but also for parking so badly on the pavement that people actually have to walk their children and pushchairs on the roadway to move along the road to get to the school entrance thereby putting the youngsters (and adults) at greater risk. Parking on the pavement should be an offence just as it is in London.

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