Paul Nathanail writes: A hustings, according to my Bing search (other search engines exist), is ‎”a meeting at which candidates in an election address potential voters”.
Four years ago when I stood as a candidate in the local elections,I had thought there would have been a hustings where I could have aired my thoughts; sadly there was no hustings for the local elections.
So this time round, I and a couple of friends thought we’d like to hear from the nine candidates who have generously put themselves forward to serve our community and the wider Broxtowe area. Invitations ‎were sent out, a date and a venue secured‎.
All three Liberal Democrat candidates made themselves available. 
Two of the three labour candidates were travelling and could not change their plans but the third was willing to take part.
All three Conservative candidates declined to take part, apparently preferring instead to spend the couple of hours the hustings would have taken, canvassing residents in the firm belief that this is the best way to communicate with potential voters.
So neither Bramcote nor I will see a hustings this time round either.
A big thank you to all the candidates for considering the invitatio‎n and my apologies to those who were willing to take part. May be next time.
Paul Nathanail


  1. Paul – Thank you very much for this information.

    I’m pleased that the effort was made by you and others to try to organise a hustings. But I’m disappointed to learn the reasons why the hustings will not be taking place in Bramcote.

    For the three Conservative candidates to indicate that they would rather knock on doors when the hustings might have taken place suggests to me a calculated reluctance to engage with the electorate. Incidentally, anyone cold calling and knocking on my door after 8.00 pm will get short thrift. And probably I’m not alone?

    For two of the Labour candidates to be travelling (and on holiday?) immediately before the election is incredulous and suggests to me that they might not be fully focussed on the campaign. Albeit I understand that a late engagement might be difficult to schedule within professional or critically personal time-frames.

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    1. For two of the three Labour candidates to be unavailable during the campaign suggests to me that they don’t expect to be elected. I am campaigning hard in my ward in Beeston North and I know all three Liberal Democrats in Bramcote are doing the same.


  2. Richard, I can only speak for myself. As you know, I have family living in Jordan so don’t see them often. For this visit, I’m fitting in with their school holidays and after postal votes have been sent and potentially returned. I have spent many hours canvassing and phone banking and will continue to do so next week. Paul knows I was willing to attend a hustings on the date of my return, but it was felt this would be too close to polling day. Your comment suggests to me that you think I’m not committed to the election process: I assure you that I am, and as a ‘newbie’, I’m learning the ropes and doing the best I possibly can.


    1. Val – Thank you very much for explaining this. As I intimated in my post (albeit in a rather perfunctory manner – sorry), I fully understand why personal, and especially family, commitments prevents accepting new engagements at short notice in our busy lives. And I’m appreciative that you have already posted on another thread that you would have been prepared to attend hustings if another date had been acceptable. Have a lovely trip and please be assured that it will not in any way be influencing my decision.

      In fact I’m still ‘mixed up’ about who I might be voting for. If any candidate wishes to knock on my door (before 8.00 pm!) then I’d be happy to have a chat!!


  3. Quite understand Val, your visit to Jordon in my view does not undermine your commitment or expectations. Please give my very best wishes to your lovely family in Jordon. Enjoy!

    For my part commitment and engagement with residents has been my first priority, having given 7 days per week these last 4 years to that end, engaging in Bramcote activities in a variety of venues and settings, and dealing daily with residents personal and Ward issues.

    Andrew Britton, John Doddy and I have spent most days these last weeks with our Team canvassing in 2 hour slots averaging 150 houses per session. It is our intention to continue doing so up until polling day so listening and responding to residents concerns with the aim to visit most if not all roads/streets in the Ward.


  4. Val Leyland is very committed to winning Bramcote, as a new candidate she has thrown herself fully into the role & is shaking up the status quo & old boy network! Good for her.

    Disappointed to see her criticised by a councillor for not attending a hustings while she is visiting grandchildren in Jordan. This does not mean she doesn’t want to get elected it means she has a good perceptive on life & can balance many things.

    Politics is hard enough without the constant sniping & criticising of other candidates so thank you to Martin for not using it to political point score.

    Val would be a wonderful advocate for Bramcote, she deserves to have a place at the council table & Bramcote deserves a new & different voice.


  5. I would in common with many others I am sure have liked to have seen a ‘hustings’. Out of our last (present) Councillors one has in my opinion been an excellent advocate for Bramcote (no names mentioned) and to my knowledge has taken up many local issues rather more than his colleagues, if only he was a member of a different party I would not hesitate to pass my vote in that direction. Unfortunately unlike in my youth Politics do enter the ring these days, whereas in the past (and I have been a voter for over 60 years) the personality of the candidates was of more importance, and for many years when I lived in Stapleford, in the County elections I would vote for one member of the Labour party and for one member of the Conservatives both of whom served very well and had local issues at heart. My windows show which way I intend to vote this time, but with the next election probably being for members of the EU Parliament or even a Westminster one I am sure that I am not alone in being uncertain , as the only thing I really want is to stay in the EU.

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    1. ” if only he was a member of a different party I would not hesitate to pass my vote in that direction. ” Typical narrow minded one party thinking, that for decades has been only to prevalent in society. It’s a local election for God’s sake, electing people to a local authority. Throw away the political party stance, if you think someone will do a good job of spending OUR money wisely then vote for him or her as a person, and NOT as a politician.

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  6. It is not one party thinking in my case, I have in the past varied my vote as I said , but I think many Bramcote residents would be disappointed to have a Broxtowe Council dominated by one party that is in the main ruled by political views and therefore perhaps we do need a hung council again. That is not to say that I would necessarily vote the same way in a General Election.


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