Broxtowe Borough Council Elections 2019 – A Personal View from Paul Nathanail

Paul Nathanail writes: This morning at 0830 I had an appointment with the council’s electoral admin staff to submit my forms to stand as a candidate for the local elections on 2 May 2019. At just after 8AM I rang to cancel that appointment.

Having stood in both 2015 and the County elections in 2017 I enjoyed the opportunity to air some key topics close to my heart and as it turns out those of many who live in Bramcote.

In 2015 it was the need to stop the rot of green belt being given up for housing following the loss of the Field Farm site in adjacent Stapleford.

In 2017 it was to point out the flaws in the County Council’s plans for development on the Coventry Lane playing fields.

The County changed trajectory about how replacement school buildings will be funded and the borough has drastically reduced the area they’d like to take out of the green belt.

Pyrrhic victories perhaps?

Given the enormous pressure from central government to build houses AND the importance of maintaining a five year supply of Land Bramcote could have been in a much worse situation were it not for… the enormous number of residents who faithfully turned out to meetings and responded to consultations.

The work of the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum has been a key part of bringing these voices together and making them count and I propose to continue to support the Forum as it continues to do this over the coming months and beyond.

As I write this, the outcome of the 2016 Referendum result is still to be determined. However it is clear that numbers matter. They may not carry the day but they will be heard, considered and … ignored by elected representatives at their peril.

So as the deadline for nominations has just passed, may I wish all the candidates for Bramcote every best wish and a sound, active listening attitude over the coming weeks.

More on the elections later.



  1. The successes of which Paul writes namely the funding of the new School by the County Council and the Borough Council reducing the area originally planned to be taken out of Greenbelt are indeed much to do with efforts of Bramcote’s Neighbourhood Forum, its Members, and not least the PERSONAL efforts of PAUL and his N F Steering Group for which I personally thank him and his Team.

    It has been my pleasure having attended all one of their meetings these last 3 years to work with the Forum in the best interests of all the BRAMCOTE Community. and trust if I am given the opportunity in May to do so again in the future.


    1. Martin of course forgets to mention that it was his party that decided to take land out of the green belt in Bramcote in the first place, despite promising people that they were not going to do that.

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  2. Gents,

    There are many fingers that could be pointed in a lib dem gold, labour red and tory blue direction about the plans for Broxtowe and Bramcote.

    Perhaps we could hear of your plans for the future?

    Will you work to ensure a revised Aligned Core Strategy has a realistic target of houses for the Borough? One that has a chance of being delivered?

    Will you work to ensure the congestion and air quality are not made worse by the hundreds of new homes Bramcote is being expected to take?

    Will you work to ensure that any replacement leisure centre will be in Bramcote? (by all means have a second near the HS2 station paid for by developer contributions)?

    Will you work hard to ensure that no more cohorts of Bramcote children are offered sub standard buildings to study in for their secondary education?

    Looking forward to hearing who the candidates for Bramcote are.



    1. Paul.

      As I said at the meeting where all LibDem and Independent councillors voted against the Local Plan, Bramcote and Stapleford are taking far too much of the 6150 target. In fact over 10% of it. I pointed out that Nuthall and Watnall sites needed to be developed. The Conservatives disagreed. . All of them disagreed.

      Cllrs Placket, Doddy and Goold voted for these plans at every opportunity. Not once did I hear them speak against. Not once. They are whipped into following the party line.

      I agree with you that if we can prove that the need for 6150 houses is too much, I will seek to reduce it. And we look forward to working with you on this issue.


  3. I certainly have NOT forgotten, David, the Council certainly did propose in its original Part 2 Plan to take both the whole of BRAMCOTE Park and the Moor Lane tunning track out of the Greenbelt .

    It was the pressure from the Neighbourhood Forum as Paul records, and indeed myself as BRAMCOTE Ward Councillor to press personally the Borough Council Planners and indeed the Leadership of the Council against the odds and original advice to change their minds and keep the Park and Running Track in the Greenbelt.

    For the Forum and myself a success for which credit as Paul suggests is I believe is warranted.


    1. I see you have put your name forward to stand for Stapleford Town Council as well. If you get elected to Stapleford Town Council will you also support our Neighbourhood Plan which is against development on the Stapleford side of Coventry Lane in the Greenbelt?


      1. Richard raises the interesting issues of multi tiered local government. Bramcote of course does not have a town or parish council. However one of our three councillors for the past four years has also been serving, with some distinction it seems, on Stapleford Town Council while be less than fully engaged on Bramcote matters.

        Richard you ask for future Stapleford Town councillors to oppose development on green belt west of Coventry Lane. If that was successful it would weaken protection of other areas. It would make having a five year land supply less likely. I know you are not standing in Bramcote but since this is a website for Bramcote, I’d like to know if you will pledge to work to reduce the 6150 target for new homes over the plan period when the Aligned Core Strategy is reviewed? And will you support a replacement leisure centre in Bramcote and oppose one in Toton if it would mean losing the Bramcote facility that so many Stapleford residents benefit from?




      2. The Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan which has already been put together is against development on the Stapleford side of Coventry Lane. Stapleford had already got 450 going on Field Farm and permission for hundreds off Toton Lane opposite the Tram Terminus. There is also Cambridge House and Carpenters Court so I think Stapleford has taken its fare share of development .

        I would, if elected again to serve on Broxtowe Borough Council, like to stay on the Planning Committee so with that be said I can’t comment on the other things as I wouldn’t want to loose the opportunity to vote by being pre determined.

        But my question remains that the people of Stapleford need to know if their Councillors will support the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan. As sadly several who agreed with it and supported it at Stapleford Town Council then supported the Part 2 Local Plan.

        I think it’s wrong to support something at town level then change your mind at Borough level. You should have to vote the same way at both.

        A lot of us have worked hard to put the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan together, sadly not all of the Stapleford Councillors took part, but they did all support it at Council meetings


      1. I see there is no response from Martin as yet.

        It will be interesting to see how the new administration at Stapleford Town Council support the hard work that’s already gone into our Neighbourhood Plan, let’s just hope everyone remains wide awake when its debated.


  4. While Martin is being typically generous, I seek and deserve no credit. Planning is a process where there is enjoyment of a beautiful Bramcote or defeat to the permanence of development as a result of failed policies elsewhere.

    The run up to this local election above all ought to be about the future not about raking the embers of the past to score party political points.

    Both Martin and David have been faithful servants of Bramcote and both their parties – along with labour- could have fingers pointed, but to little purpose.

    So I look forward to some positives from anyone who is willing to serve Bramcote over the next four years.

    Paul Nathanail


  5. Yes Paul, if re-elected I will strive to the best of my ability to attain the goals and aspirations you so clearly define.

    Constraints and conflicting calls between different Ward objectives and the Borough as a whole will need to be debated. Not least a revised Aligned Core Strategy where negotiations between different local Authorities has to be undertaken.

    I can only pledge if re-elected to put the interests of BRAMCOTE residents at the forefront of any discussions. As I certainly did in persuading the Council to change its mind and reduce the amount of BRAMCOTE lands set to be taken out of Greenbelt.


  6. People need housing . Surely all the existing local housing was built on historical ” Green Belt ” ? Is ” N. I . M . B . Y . ism ” – an attitude devoid of charity – now pervading St . Michael’s ?


  7. Ian,

    The UK has had plan led development since the town and country planning act after the second world war. Green belt serves five specific functions, none to do with nimbyism.

    The planning system today seeks to support sustainable development – and there is a strong presumption in favour of such development.

    The Church centre, that I assume your comment obliquely refers to, is one of only two venues in Bramcote available for residents to meet together and it rightly charges for use of the space.

    Whilst stalwarts of SMAAA have been at the heart of major land use decisions, including championing taking chunks of land out of the green belt in the not too distant past, they do so as elected councillors, or in other Civic service contexts.

    I cannot comment on the theology of SMAAA but there is increasing adoption of the principles of environmental stewardship, that can be traced back to the Scriptures, in secular thinking and policy formulation. The recent climate change strikes are but a small example.

    Best regards,



  8. As BRAMCOTE residents I believe we should take a POSITIVE view both now and into the future.

    A brand new 21st Century new School Building. The retention of our beautiful BRAMCOTE Park and the Moor Lane Running Track retained in the Greenbelt. The passing by the Council of the Part 2 Plan giving that 5 year land supply so protecting from development our other local protected green spaces are to be welcomed.
    By failing to achieve the figure in the Plan is underlined very clearly by the Golf Course planning application which was granted on appeal by the Inspector because at that time we had NOT achieved the 5 year land supply. as agreed by the previous administration.

    Yes to accept a total of 6150 houses for Broxtowe was TOO high and 10 percent for BRAMCOTE and its neighbours was totally out of proportion. I spoke strongly at Committee and full Council against Bramcote’s allocation, but did vote for the Plan. To have not done so would have left the Council without its 5 year supply offering open season for Developers to apply to build on our other precious green spaces.

    For the future if I am re elected in May I will argue at every opportunity open to me to ensure in negotiations with other Authorities that any new Aligned Core Stratergy house building figure is kept to a minimum and in proportion taking into account the too large figure we have at the moment..

    For BRAMCOTE I would strive to ensure that our much used and well equipped Leisure Centre facilities are retained and IF there are any surplus monies available after the new school build and the Coventry Lane development the County Council be pressed by agreement to make funds available to the Borough Council for those leisure facilities.

    Again I look forward if I am again elected in May to continue working with the Neighbourhood Forum on all its aspirations for BRAMCOTE It has been my pleasure these last 3 years to work closely with Paul and his Steering Group and again thank them for their hard work.

    Printed and published by Sylvia Gillespie Bell of Beeston Conservative Club Station Road Beeston


  9. Martin. The Inspector has said that the new Local Plan doesn’t give us a 5 year land supply either. You know the plan that Cllr Doddy and yourself voted for and I voted against.


  10. The part 2 Inspectors report was the most POSITIVE report of any District Council locally and whilst very slightly under 5 years the Report anticipated that the land supply will be met quickly.
    A POSITIVE report that I’m sure will be welcomed by BRAMCOTE residents and should be by others, knowing that our precious Green spaces are protected because that land supply quota has been achieved.

    4 years ago the current Conservative Administration inherited a land supply of under 3 years from the Liberal Democrat/Labour coalition. Without the increase achievement to 5 years over those years our entire Greenbelt would have been under threat.


  11. I personally do not like NEGATIVE politics, the ‘tit for tat’ comments I believe disengage with residents rather than engage.

    However the assertion that we do not have a 5 year land supply needs correcting, to suggest otherwise would be a falsehood .on this site or elsewhere.

    The Inspector’s report on Broxtowe Borough Council’s Part 2 Plan whilst indicating a small shortfall of 171 dwellings very clearly in the next paragraph states that the Council has under estimated its ‘Windfall Sites’ by 175 dwellings an improvement of 4 giving therefore a 5.2 years land supply.

    My earlier comment made clear that POSITIVELY our Open Green Spaces and Greenbelt in BRAMCOTE are protected by the passing of this Borough Council Plan and should be welcomed. Again any suggestion otherwise I trust will not be offered.


  12. I am not being negative just stating the facts. Incidentally Martin has anyone pointed out that typing in capitals is akin to shouting. Not being funny just a bit of advice.


  13. I’m mildly amused (and a little confused) that a thread entitled ‘A Personal View ……….. ‘ started by a non-candidate is developing in the way that recent posts are leading it. I do hope that all candidates in the forthcoming election might agree to hustings in a moderated meeting. Surely that would be to everyone’s benefit?

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