Town Street roadworks finish today

Thank you to Councillor Carr for the following update from VIA:

The majority of the programmed works on Town Street Bramcote will be completed on the 29th March as planned. The current road closure will be taken off and Town Street re-opened to traffic.

However, there will be some temporary red and white barriers on top of the newly constructed walls as the permanent pedestrian parapets, which were being manufactured specifically for this location by an external parapet manufacturing company, will not be available in time for them to be installed under the current road closure. This is due to issues with the manufacture and supply on their part despite assurances from them to us over the last 7 weeks that they would be able to supply them within timescale of the road closure.

I have been informed by the external manufacturer that they will supply the pedestrian parapets during w/c 6th May. Once, we receive deliver of the pedestrian parapets, we will arrange for their installation under two way temporary traffic signals as they are to be drilled and  fixed into the concrete walls with the majority of the works can be undertaken from the existing footway. The installation of the pedestrian parapets will take approximately 5 days.


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