Are you a carer or diagnosed with dementia?



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  1. Posting for Ian Tyler:
    Dementia and social isolation are key elements of the project aimed at getting the Cafe on the Park project underway. It’s objectives are to provide a caring environment for all residents of Broxtowe and its neighbours..
    In order to achieve this we are required to be a registered charity. The stipulations to achieve this status are arduous and very precise in their requirments. Necessarily so, as there have been abuses of the “favoured status” charitable organisations are afforded.
    We ( The Bramcote Hills Park Community Cafe), are currently in discussion with the Charity Commissioners to seek approval after our initial bid was rejected.
    Today we met with officers of the Council to seek guidance and assurance that our ongoing endeavours were in line with their requirments ,; equally, safeguarding the Council’s obligations to residents and protection to them and our residents from any risk of financial loss or culpability.
    The Council are supportive of our venture and encourage our objectives.
    My thanks to Chief Executive, Ruth Hyde for her ongoing encouragement and support.
    Our second application will be made this month and we are most grateful for the support given to us by many and varied community organisations


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