Council Tax Blunder

A reader has contacted us to comment:

“When I opened the council tax demand notice yesterday, I was surprised to see that the “Total Annual Council Tax Charge” change was +9.3%. That looked pretty high compared to previous years and I started to suspect if this was possibly a mistake.

So, after finding my notices from previous years, I calculated that the actual increase is indeed “only” 4.5 %. On further analysis, I found out that the +9.3% increase would apply against the tax bill from 2 years ago! So the figure published is the bi-annual, not the annual increase.

Clearly, someone was careless enough to use the incorrect column in the spreadsheet when calculating the increase, and then someone else was careless enough not to check and spot such an obvious mistake. Of course, one would have thought that the council would try to downplay the tax increase, and not to do the opposite by inflating the figure to more than a double of its actual increase.

We are talking here about trivial maths and trivial checks. It is astonishing that nobody in the Council who is involved in this did not notice.

Remember, these people also decide how to spend our money, yet they cannot get a trivial calculation right. Not impressed!”



  1. My phone has been red hot today about this and also the claims that your council tax wasn’t going to go up and had been frozen.

    Points to note

    1. I have contacted Broxtowe for an explanation as to why this error has occurred.

    2. It is a fact that the Broxtowe element of your Council Tax has not gone up but the same (literally) Conservative Councillors have increased the largest part of the bill, the County precept, by 3%. Strange then to say they have frozen Council tax when they have increased it.

    3. There is an extra 1% for social care which is absolutely necessary as the Government are not resourcing this suffiently.

    So all in all, the ones responsible are the Conservatives but they will probably blame officers!


  2. Pathetic. The staff need to be trained to check and double check thoroughly before pressing the ‘go’ button. Everyone is in such a rush these days!


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