Comments from Anna Soubry MP – 15 March 2019

Hello again,

When the BBC’s Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg, admits she’s run out of words to describe political events, we can be sure things are at an all-time-low. I suspect you are becoming immune to the never-ending Brexit battles, the lost votes, the confusion, chaos, high drama and total farce.

The appalling state the Government has got itself into was best illustrated late yesterday afternoon. The Brexit Secretary closed the debate on the Government’s plan to delay Brexit by urging all MPs to back it. He then promptly went and voted against it. Indeed half of Conservative MPs, including 8 members of the Cabinet, voted against their Government’s plan and in effect voted for a no deal, hard Brexit. Without the support of MPs like me, the Government would have lost yet another critical vote. What a fearful mess it all is. 

You can watch my contributions to the weeks’ various debates below. Next week the Prime Minister will apparently bring back her withdrawal agreement for a third “lucky” time. I will not be voting for it for a variety of well rehearsed reasons. 

But today my thoughts are with the loved ones of all those who died or were injured in the barbaric terrorist attacks in New Zealand against people of the Muslim faith. Islamophobia is very real and it’s growing in our country and indeed throughout the world. We are indeed living in bleak, difficult times and we should all do what ever we can to bring people together and foster a spirit of tolerance and peace. 


Tram lights fiasco update

Following my call to Tramlink’s Chief Executive Adrian Wallace, work is finally beginning to replace broken lights on the tram route. Work begins today on the Cator Lane stretch in Chilwell and from Monday along Middle Street in Beeston. Please let me know of any other lights that need replacing. 

New lights at Attenborough Crossings

Network Rail have installed new safety lights and anti-skid surfacing at Attenborough’s Meadow Lane crossing. There have been a number of deaths at the crossing and these lights are hugely welcome as they will improve safety, notably for those accessing the Attenborough Nature Reserve.


Pothole petition

I have written in support of Bramcote residents complaining about potholes on Bridle Road. Nottinghamshire County Council has patched up part of the road but a residents petition is rightly demanding a full resurfacing. I will of course keep you informed. 


Broxtowe welcomes two new Syrian refugee families

This week Broxtowe welcomed two more families fleeing the war in Syria. These families have been through unimaginable terror and distress forcing them to flee from their homes. Congratulations to everyone at Broxtowe Borough Council for their unstinting work in helping refugees from Syria. The two new families join five others who have already been given a warm welcome in the constituency.

To Vote Bring ID

Broxtowe is taking part in a pilot scheme which will mean you must take ID with you to vote in May’s Borough, Parish and Town Council elections. One piece of photo ID (passport or driving licence) or two pieces of non photo ID (e.g. a benefits statement, polling card or credit card statement) is required from all voters. For more information click here.


Put it to the people!

Next weekend I will be marching in London in support of a People’s Vote on Brexit. As you may know, I am a founding member of the group which believes the only way out of the Brexit chaos is for the matter to return to the British people. I think it’s only right that any Brexit deal goes to voters for their final approval, with staying in the EU as an alternative. People are entitled to change their mind, especially as all the facts have emerged. I also believe young people denied a vote in 2016 should be able now to have their say given they will bear the biggest burden of Brexit. 

If you would like to come on the March you can find all the details by clicking here.

In Parliament

Parliament has been dominated by Brexit this week and as the Independent Group’s spokesperson on the matter, I have spoken in all three debates. 

On Tuesday I spoke against the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement and you can watch my speech here or read it here

On Wednesday, I supported removing the option “no deal” and was delighted that we narrowly won the ensuing vote. You can watch my speech here or read it here

Yesterday, I supported a People’s Vote and was very disappointed that Labour chose to abstain rather than support their own policy and vote for a public vote. You can watch my speech here or read it here.



    1. Jim. I haven’t got a clue who you are but please give our MP the courtesy of a title. Either Miss or Ms would suffice. You may not be happy with the situation but there are many who are! Bramcote is better than this political tub thumping from angry Conservatives.


  1. Mr Shakespeare are you suggesting that the editors are biased? If so you are incorrect.

    Of course if you don’t like the content or editors of Bramcote Today you always have the option not to follow it!

    As for Anna Soubry resigning, she doesn’t have to and shouldn’t. A by-election costs £250,000 minimum. Recall of an MP £500,000. She represents all of Broxtowe not just Conservatives such as yourself.


  2. Thank you Steve for your supportive comments. I have worked with my fellow editors since 2011 and I am still not really sure of their political bias. Of course we have our private views but we take our voluntary roles seriously. Posts that do not meet with our fair minded policy will either be dismissed or an editor will endeavour to agree an appropriate tone/choice of wording with the contributor.

    Our policy is set out in our About Us page:

    Comments to existing posts, and submissions for new posts, are most welcome from within the community, as long as relevant to the residents of Bramcote. Please be constructive, not personally insulting, hurtful, defamatory or liable to compromise the privacy of others. Providing your full name adds credibility to your comment but we will accept your first name plus initial for your surname. We won’t accept pseudonyms. Additionally, your comments must be clearly understood by the editors.

    We will not publish comments that don’t meet this policy.


  3. The a political and unbiased position of its 3 Editors is part of its strength. May they long continue serving the Community as they administer the much read and appreciated Bramcote Today


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