Bramcote CAT 4 March 2019 Meeting Minutes

For full minutes please click here.  Agenda items included:

Update on Action Plan

WHPF – New School Update

Voter ID Pilot

Clean and Green Initiative

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Police Update

Café in the Park Update  

Neighbourhood Plan Update 

Residents’ Issues



  1. Thanks for these. I’m really surprised that there is no mention of the issues (access, traffic, pollution, infrastructure) that have repeatedly been raised in relation to the WHPF housing development. I understood that this was going to be raised by one of the councillors but there seems to be no mention of it. At what point will these really serious concerns be addressed?

    My apologies for not actually being at the meeting, I’m afraid I was at another one for which I am Secretary, so couldn’t miss it.

    ​Jane Bowden



  2. It is great to see these minutes being published so promptly. Given that this is the last CAT before the May elections, it seems right and proper to thank Councillors Doddy and Plackett for enabling these meetings to happen over the past years… and to put in a request that our new councillors (of whatever party, or none) continue to engage with residents.

    The current rate of house building is a serious concern – only made worse by the delay in the release of land from Chetwynd. The new council will have an early task to review the Aligned Core Strategy – and the validity of the Broxtowe target of 6150 new homes during the life of the plan must be carefully reviewed, and potentially reduced quite substantially.


  3. Tonight’s Council planning committee will discuss a planning application on the green belt in Bramcote. Details are available from the agenda available from

    The planning officers recommended refusal but one of our local Bramcote Councillors has decided to ask for the decision to be called in for councillors to decide. To be clear, council officers could have refused this planning application under delegated powers. Instead, a local councillor who stood under a promise to defend the green belt has used powers that jeopardise our already eroded green belt.
    Let’s hope the planning committee follow the advice of council officers and unanimously vote to refuse planning permission.
    The councillor is invited to defend the decision to call in this application rather than allow officers to deal with it under delegated powers.


  4. The Planning Application you refer too was NOT recommended by Broxtowe Planners and was NOT approved by last night’s Planning Committee, I am fully supportive of both the Planners recommendation and the Committees decision.


  5. Martin –

    Thanks for letting us know that the Planning Officers’s advice was followed by the councillors on this occasion. I am dismayed however that a Bramcote councillor would’ve risked more development in the green belt when we have already given up so much as a result of the Conservative/ Lib Dem coalition decision to scrap the School for the Future programme just as Notts schools were due to get their funding.

    I share and appreciate your support of both Officers and the Committee’s decision.


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