Broxtowe Borough Council has set its budget for 2019/20

Broxtowe Borough Council has set its budget for 2019/20, having made good progress in 2018/19 to meet funding challenges.

As part of the Council’s budget, approved at a Council meeting this week, the following was agreed:

  • No reduction in services to the public.
  • No increase in Council Tax for 2019/20.
  • No reduction in our grants to charitable organisations.
  • Resources set aside for important initiatives including mental health and exciting capital projects like the Beeston Square development.
  • £250,000 worth of improvements to parks and open spaces as part of the Pride in Parks initiative.

“We’re pleased to report that good progress has been made over the last 12 months and we’re in a good position for the future thanks to working in a more commercially minded way and using our assets effectively. This means the Council is in positive position to continue to deliver its priorities to provide good quality homes, protect the environment, make people feel safe, improve our town centres and make people healthier” said Leader of the Council, Councillor Richard Jackson.

“That said, we are continuing to face the same budget challenges as local authorities across the country as we prepare for Government to phase out the grant it provides to Councils altogether by the end of 2019/20. We’ll be asking residents later in the year what they think about services to help inform our decisions about next year’s budget and protect the services that are a priority for them.”

“The 2019/20 budget includes savings of £188,000 identified through the Business Strategy. This along with other initiatives implemented in recent years is addressing the reduction in revenue support grant which has fallen from £2.004m in 2015/16 to zero in 2019/20”.


  1. Ian Tyler said the following. He is experiencing technical difficulties so I am posting on his behalf.

    In line with their parliamentary colleagues , yet another abrogation of responsibility, failure to bite the bullet. Their vanity to not be charged with having raised Council Tax and deepen the gulf of irresponsibility that reflects their outdated, uncaring attitudes , underlines their self-seeking ” we know best” self – interested nihilism.
    What a complete and utter shower.


  2. They are. They have given up £1.1million of income for the sake of £14 per Band D property. When your income is only £9million that is a big issue.


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