Who will make decisions about food safety after Brexit?

As an EU Member State, the UK currently benefits from EU-wide surveillance systems to identify risks to food safety and from assessments of potential food safety risks conducted by the European Food Safety Authority. Most decisions about managing food safety risks are taken at an EU level, and then implemented by all Member States.

In a ‘no deal’ Brexit scenario, the UK will need to have systems and resources in place to take over these surveillance, assessment and decision-making functions from 29 March 2019. The Sub-Committee will ask the Minister about how prepared the UK is for this scenario. They will also ask the Minister to clarify whether the UK will still have access to EU intelligence and assessments during any transition period, and to what extent the UK might remain part of EU-wide decision making on managing food safety risks at the end of a transition period.

For more information see here.


  1. The short answer is “Nobody”.

    The reason is because the Prime Minister and indeed the majority of the House of Commons (especially our MP Anna Soubry) have been far, far to interested and involved in trying to ensure that the accepted advice of the electorate to leave the EU is ignored, to think “what if?” and prepare accordingly.

    So if and when the problems start to happen, the only people to blame are the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the other Members of the House of Commons. Not those who voted to remain, and certainly not those who voted to leave, but the MP’s on all sides of the House.

    To make matters worse they are all going to be awarded a £2000 pa pay rise in the very near future.


  2. American food is of a very high standard. I would sooner eat something produced in Texas or California, than Bulgaria or Romania.
    EU food standards didn’t prevent B.S.E. or the horse meat scandal.


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