Report given by Councillor Martin Plackett

Councillor Martin Plackett gave this report to the Bramcote CAT Meeting on Monday 4 March 2019


BBC confirm that the first third of the site HAS been taken over by the Council for maintenance purposes and the balance of the ‘Park’ will be again taken into the Councils responsibly when a satisfactory standard has been reached.


County Council report that on inspection the potholes do not at date meet the criteria for repair.
I have responded that in my view they must be ‘borderline’ and have asked they be assessed again post winter.


In response to a request for a survey to allow extra time to exit Town Street, Highways England state that any change to the sequence would result in ‘unacceptable delays and an increase in congestion’ on the A52.


Highways England confirm subject to budgetary approval speed monitoring devices will be installed on BOTH carriage ways of the A 52 in the next financial year 2019/20.     Date to be confirmed.   Three enforcement sections with exit and entry cameras at each end for both directions of traffic.   These will be 

1.    Priory Roundabout to Wollaton Road
2.    Wollaton Road to Thoresby Road
3.    Thoresby Road to Sherwin Roundabout 

The possibility of enforcing the bus lane is also under consideration 

Latest update from H E 15/2 ‘still awaiting funding and programme for next financial year’


Concerns expressed regarding parking on Town Street ‘causing safety concerns’ for vehicles exiting Cow Lane.
Local police patrols have carried out a number of patrols and reported that ‘only two vehicles were found to have parked inconsiderately during the visit periods and offending vehicles were issued with ‘inconsiderate parking notices’.  On an ad hoc basis they will continue to patrol the area and if necessary would reconsider further action if there is an ongoing danger to the public.


As Ward Councillor following a number of objections to the proposed 15 Flats Development I have if the Authority are minded to approve the Plans have asked that the application be ‘called in’ to be heard by Broxtowe Borough Councils full Planning Committee.


The County Council are hopeful that the privately owned trees obscuring street lights and the ivy at the top of the Street will be cut/pruned during the current road closure at C C expense.

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  1. A52 speeding has, for many many years been a problem. If you cast your eye over the minutes of the CAT for March 2013 and July 2013 you will be able to read residents concerns which are clearly set out. Waiting 6 years! to get action seems pretty poor in relation to Highways England. Since 2013 when we “complained” about speeding we have seen 4 deaths on the A 52 [28 months ago] in our area. It is tragic that the proposed cameras were not fitted earlier as they may have saved lives.
    It is essential that Highways England fix a date for the installation of the cameras. The next financial year starts in 4 weeks time and getting a fixed date from HE is needed.
    The CAT last night discussed the issue again and I hope that HE can deliver the goods sooner rather than later. What we do not want is to have another death.


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