Councillor Martin Plackett promotes the ‘Clean & Green’ Campaign

Bramcote Ward Councillor Martin Plackett writes:-
‘As Vice Chairman of Broxtowe Borough Council Environment and Leisure Committee I am delighted to offer to Bramcote residents details of the Councils ‘Clean and Green Campaign’

Council Fleet Encourages Residents To Be Clean And Green
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For more information visit<>, where you can also download a Resource Pack to help you organise your own Community Clean Up events, or email<>

If you require further information regarding this press release, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Yates on 0115 917 3825 or email<>

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  1. As Richard says a great response in Stapleford and much appreciated by residents. The Bulk Waste collections are ‘pilots’ across the Borough. Quite sure if there is a need for such collections then a regular programme will certainly be considered after taking into account the full trials currently being undertaken.


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