£1.75m to be invested in innovative pothole repairs


Nottinghamshire County Council will invest £1.75m buying new equipment which will speed up and increase the range of options to repair roads in the county.

The new equipment, which will be added to the county’s fleet, will improve the way potholes and road repairs are done.

The green light was given for this at a meeting of the council’s Communities and Place Committee today (Thursday, 7 February).
Via East Midlands manages Nottinghamshire’s highways network on behalf of the county council.
Committee chairman Councillor John Cottee said: “Last winter’s bad weather and the cold spring resulted in a rapid deterioration of many of our roads due to the cold weather and effects of freezing and thawing on road surfaces.

“As a result, we repaired more than 115,000 potholes last year – double the amount compared with the same period the previous year. So, understandably the volume of repairs led to concerns about the future sustainability of this approach. However, potholes are the number one concern for residents and we’ve listened to this.

“Road repairs and resurfacing is one of our top priorities and this  £1.75m is a long-term investment to save more money further down the line whilst improving the quality of road repairs, increasing productivity and extending the life expectancy of our roads and is another example of our continuing investment in the network.

“These methods provide us with two new tools in our armoury when it comes to tackling potholes in the county, further ensuring that we can make the right repair at the right time.”

The first of the two techniques, this £1.75 million investment will fund is a spray injection chip patching system. This treats surface defects effectively, sealing the target area, filling cracking and removing small potholes whilst smoothing the surface.

Cllr. Cottee explained: “This will significantly improve productivity so that our highways teams can cover more than double their daily target repairs. It also allows relatively large areas of carriageway to be treated quickly meaning that teams can also pull in more lower priority repairs in the process and thereby slowing down the rate at which our roads deteriorate and reducing the need for future re-visits to the same locations.”

The spray injection chip patching system also produces a better finish and it reduces the likelihood of road repairs failing prematurely.

The second vehicle will be used in conjunction with existing equipment to allow the council to make patching of larger areas of road, where the road surface has suffered significant deterioration, economically viable and also carry out deeper structural repairs. This will improve the quality of ride for road users as well as the way the road looks.

“The fact that the process is mechanised means the filling material can be transported using hotbox storage and laid in optimum condition and compacted,” said Cllr. Cottee. “These controlled conditions mean that the serviceable life of repairs can be extended.”

Use of this equipment across Nottinghamshire will be prioritised and depend on factors such as the type of road and nature of the repair needed, with existing methods of repair continuing across the network.

Cllr. Cottee added: “After investigating many other options, we concluded that this approach is the most effective. We will be monitoring and reviewing how well it’s working a year in to better inform our approach in the future.

“The vehicles should be out and about on our roads during the coming autumn. And the other advantage is that workers will be freed up to do other essential work on our roads.”

The county council will still continue with its existing approaches to fixing potholes, including find and fix repairs using either Viafix or patching, ensuring the highway remains safe for road users.

A £20m cash pot was set up by the county council in 2018 to invest in Nottinghamshire’s roads.


  1. This sounds great. But will someone please resurface roads like Ewe Lamb Lane that have reached the end of their pot-hole repair life!


    1. Another idea raised at the Stapleford Traffic and Transport Working Group meeting and also at the 3 meetings we held too.


  2. And just in time for the elections too.

    But on a more serious note in Stapleford we held 3 meetings called Your Stapleford Your Ideas, and many people came along as did Councillors and between us we came up with some ideas and areas that need sorting out. Sadly neither of the County Councillors attended any of these meetings or replied to any of the emails regarding the meetings. We also have a Stapleford Traffic and Transport Working Group meeting and again neither of the County Councillors attend or respond to any of the emails.

    It’s a shame that people can’t all work together for the greater good of the Community that they represent. As by working together we can get much more done.

    I don’t know what is worse really, if it’s not attending meetings and ignoring others or attending meetings then taking credit for work of the team, I was always told there is no I in Team.


  3. Another reason voters need to realise the party the proposed Councillor represents is far less important than their track record/commitment/ability/inclination to actually represent the voters.


  4. This is indeed good news and a first class investment by the County Council. Whilst resources are far from finite and the new equipment will not be ‘on site’ until the Autumn I firmly believe it is our duty to press the responsible County Authority to take note of representations made by residents and indeed Ward and Divisional Councillors of suggested priorities in our areas. I would assume that the County will be seeking a revised ‘‘list’ of such priorities taking into account the extra capacity that will be possible with the new equipment later in the year.and look forward to personally making such representations as I have done in the past, subject to a further mandate in May.


    1. Martin. We had that vote in May 2017 and the good people of Bramcote & Beeston North chose me to be their representative. As a result I have put forward many roads in Bramcote for repairs. As a result, Sandringham Drive has been totally resurfaced and Thoresby Road will be extensively repaired in June.

      I really do think it is about time we stuck to our jobs, after all I never interfere with your Borough work. By all means we should work together as the people of Bramcote would expect.


  5. Fully agree friend Steve, very important we work together in a mutually acceptable way as we seek to serve residents. No ill intent intended or intention whatsoever of interfering in your work as a County representative. Personally, however, content for residents to make their concerns on issues such as road improvements directly to the relevant Authority, or through their representatives, to forward to Council Officers. Happy to talk when we next meet. Martin


  6. John Cottee last year in march quoted 3.25 million pounds set aside for road repairs to 111 roads that were critical. By November VIA had postponed over 60% of these road repairs into financial year 2019/20. Tall comes easy to John, some action along the lines of the promises he made via the Evening Post would be nice. What happened to the £3.25 million spend. ther seems to be a lack of control.


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