Notts. County Council Support Toton Development

Nottinghamshire County Council is supporting major infrastructure and capital projects costing over £200m to help boost prosperity for its residents and local economy.

The new projects include the enterprise development around the proposed HS2 station and growth zone at Toton and the new Gedling Access Road and A614 improvements, three new schools builds and supporting the garden village.

The schemes are jointly funded by the Council, partner organisations, Government and developers and aim to attract and expand business opportunities, improve tourism, and create high-quality jobs and housing in the county.

Nottinghamshire is located in the heart of the UK and its major transport schemes will greatly improve its connectivity to other major UK cities, making it a place to invest, visit and do business.

The Council is preparing for the delivery of a major scheme to improve the A614, which forms the spine of the county, by altering six junctions to save the county’s economy £27.5m through reduced delays. 

The Government is providing £18m for the programme of works, which will also help unlock the untapped economic potential of north Nottinghamshire and support new housing developments planned along the route.

Furthermore, the construction of the £40m Gedling Access Road is set to start this year, which is being funded by the Council, a housing developer and other partner organisations including the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership.

This scheme has been the Council’s aspiration for over 50 years and will help support new developments in Gedling, creating new jobs and up to 1,050 new homes in the district. 

The arrival of HS2 is also being considered as a major catalyst for growth in the county as it has the potential to create 74,000 new jobs and training opportunities with a £4bn economic boost by 2043.

The Council has teamed up with development and regeneration specialists LCR on the initial phases of site preparation around the proposed Toton Railway Station, paving the way for the creation of a garden village and two growth zones for business and university research. 

In addition, the Council has secured a £11m grant from Homes England to prepare eight redundant sites that it owns for housing development to meet the growing demand in the county. 

New schools are key to supporting these developments, so the Council is leading on the planning and construction of three new builds with a budget of £24.6m, with further work taking place on the creation of several new schools across the county.

Councillor Kay Cutts, the Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “We are setting the roots for a more prosperous Nottinghamshire by improving and creating new roads, schools, housing and enterprise sites to help attract high-quality jobs and new businesses to the county.

“Some of our investment in these projects is generated from the sale of our land and buildings that we no longer need. 

“All of these projects will help our economy to grow and thrive, ensuring Nottinghamshire is a great place to work, live and do business, and a county we can all be proud of.”

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