Robert is now more than half way round the world

Toni Thorncraft-Smith, UK Based Co-Ordinator of ‘Team Robert’ writes: Having left Nottingham on 7 April 2018, Robert clocked 9000 miles of his 18000 mile journey on Sunday 13 January 2019.

Robert continues to be supported by a local team of volunteers here in Nottingham and his fundraising in support of Traidcraft Exchange and Cancer Research UK, through sponsorship and community fundraisers continues in earnest.

Robert is available for further interview by social media and telephone channels on a pre-arranged basis only.  Any requests for still photos or interviews should be directed to myself using the details below.

As Robert reached this incredible milestone yesterday this story is not embargoed.

I trust that you will feel as inspired and excited as we are at ‘Team Robert’!

We’re supporting ‘Roberts Ride 18000’ – Cycling Around the World the Life Changing Way. 

Get the full story at  or here

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