Memories of Bramcote in the 70’s

brian clough - bramcote (002)

Tim Mather has contacted Bramcote Today. He used to live at 25 Chapel Street until his family moved to Bristol in 1979.

He says:

Do you by any chance have a photo of Mr & Mrs Eatch who owned the shop next door? There was a Bramcote history web site that had their photo on it but I cannot now find it. There was also another shop in Chapel Street run the Shaw family. ….. I think their daughter may still live there? Mr Eatch was also the caretaker at the local “rec”, King George’s Park.  All the local lads would descend on the park at weekends to play football and we spent all day there.

Not sure if you heard the story about the sunken church in Bramcote? When I was a lad the local PC was taking a look in the Church grounds when he saw a ghost.  The PC ended up going completely mad and had to take early retirement!!  That place always gave me the creeps after that.  Never went into the place.

Hamilton Brown was the local vicar and used to visit my gran who lived with us once a week.

I used to also see Brian Clough at the newsagents which was owned by his brother Nigel when I went in to get my fags for the day – see the photo. If Brian Clough was behind the counter, he would never take my money. He always said, “If you want to kill yourself lad that’s up to you but I`ll not be taking your money!”  And then as I was leaving the shop he’ll shout out “you`ll never play for England if you smoke lad !!” He was a real character.






  1. My friend’s dad used to take his children and associated friends to see Brian and whatever cup Forest had just won and was on display in the newsagents. Glyn (Yeoman, of Arundel Drive) used to take great delight in asking for Everton mints from Brian!


  2. Murray S says: I was told that Bramcote post office was owned by Brian but run by Gerald. Also that Brian brought the European Cup to the post office where people had their photos taken with it.
    After Gerald retired he moved to the flats near Cooky’s pond off Ilkeston Road . Sometimes he would watch cricket on the park.


  3. Sue, all I believe correct.
    Any male customer of whatever age was greeted by Brian as they arrived or left
    with the words ‘Young Man’ much to the pleasure of my octogenarian Father.


  4. After the Post Office was closed at lunchtime the two brothers always went in to the Sherwin Arms, sat at the same table and had a few pints. My son was a pert time barman at this time and Brian always bought him a half pint but he had to wait until after closing time to partake of it as the landlord was very strict about staff drinking.


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