Wollaton Weight Watchers Workshop

wollatonTo anyone who might be on my page and has never been to WW and is considering joining WW, do it, you will love it! ❤  If anyone is maybe feeling a bit nervous about coming back to WW after the festive season you know there is no judging at WW and I am here to help. Leaving it for now and until you lose those extra Christmas lbs before you come back is  a bit like waiting to get better before you visit the doctor! So don’t delay, stop putting it off.  You will be given the warmest welcome and great support from myself and all the other members who are in the same boat. We know it’s not easy – we know that it is worth it and I know it matters to you so no time like now to start feeling better about yourself. You will never regret coming back, so  signing back up now can save you from the regret of NOT coming back sooner or worse not coming back at all.

FREESTYLE really IS AMAZING, you can feel so much healthier, happier, more energized and positive and meet your wellness goals whatever they may look like for you?  Every one of us is different but we can all share the same outcome which is to be the best version of ourselves. No time like now.

Check out the great deals we have on our WW website, join me at St Leonards Community Centre Bramcote Lane,  Wollaton on Mondays at 5.30-6.30pm OR if that is not suitable for you, look up a local workshop and you will be glad you have taken the first step. WW for EVERY BODY ❤ Margaret 🙂 x


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