Happy New Year from Councillor Martin Plackett

A Very Happy New Year to our Bramcote Today Editors, regular readers and contributors to our wonderful web site.

As Steve has already made mention in May we go to the polls to elect our Broxtowe Borough representatives and certainly concur with his sentiments that in Bramcote our friendly rivalry will remain just that!

The Conservative controlled Council will be seeking to build upon its prudent financial record, holding when possible Council Tax increases, continue its Clean and Green and Pride in our Parks Campaigns so much appreciated by all who value the environment and our well maintained Parks and Green Spaces.

The Beeston Town Centre project with a Cinema and new restaurants and shopping facilities is a truly exciting project soon to start to take shape.

Personally over the last nearly 4 years I have met and engaged with scores and scores of Bramcote folk on a variety of issues and topics many personal, and others like the Neighbourhood Forum which brought residents together as it has sought to look forward seeking how to develop our community ensuring Bramcote remains the place to live, work and play for years to come.

It is a privilege as one of your Borough Councillors to serve the Community in which I was born and to thank those who have supported and encouraged me these last years.

Martin Plackett
Cllr Bramcote Ward BBC

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  1. Of course Martin you will remember that the redevelopment project had been a project that has received all Party support including the involvement of the three party leaders at a high level. It is not a Conservative policy but a unified policy.


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