Bramcote Demands “Active Planning” by Cllr. Dr. John Doddy

This is the text of a speech made by Councillor Dr John Doddy at the Full Council Meeting of Broxtowe Borough Council this evening.

90% of our health is dictated by where we live and only 10% by the intervention of the NHS.

The Health and Wellbeing Board prioritises the involvement of the consideration of “Health in Spatial Planning “ to maximise population health and wellbeing and embed health into the planning process.

This has NEVER been more important to Bramcote when we consider the 500 houses to be built on the Coventry Lane Playing Fields. We must demand Active Design.

Health and Housing are synonymous , you cannot have one without the other. Let’s build to improve health and reduce air pollution .

Good access to green space means residents are 24% more likely to be active. Poor environments contribute to poor health and health inequalities.

Bramcote demands the Local Planning Department adheres to the Health and Spatial Planning Criteria and involves health at all stages .

Involvement at Preplanning , Outline Planning , Full Planning and health involvement is published with the full planning response.

If Bramcote is to shoulder over 10% of the total housing requirements of the Borough despite occupying less than 6% of the area and having only 6.64% of the population ,  Wellbeing  must be at the forefront of the Coventry Lane development . Health and Social  Infrastructures must be considered .

A new school with Community access and state of the art leisure Facilities for a growing population assumed.

The residents of Bramcote deserve no less”.

Cllr. Dr John Doddy, Chair Health & Wellbeing Board, Nottinghamshire County Council


  1. John Doddy now adopts righteousness over healthcare as a sop to his Party’s previous antipathy to any housing developments in Bramcote. The Conservative Party opposed virtually all the developments they have now endorsed, blamed the Labour/Lib Dem coalition for their failure to meet their Governments housing stipulations which they said they could ameliorate. I hope residents bear this in mind in May; you may not have liked what we said but we were truthful.


    1. Absolutely spot on Ian. It’s great that the Running Track and the park are back in as green belt but under that LibDems that status was never in question.


  2. John is spot on. Perhaps he can persuade his party colleagues at county hall to pledge that any funds remaining after the costs for the replacement school are ring fenced to replace the Bramcote leisure centre at the same location.

    That is what Bramcote residents have said we want.

    That is what I said at last week’s examination of the local plan that will see Bramcote lose a large chunk of its green belt to raise money for replacing ageing school and hopefully leisure centre buildings.


  3. Bramcote Borough Councillors along with our Neighbourhood Forum must, and I’m sure will work towards the planning aspirations that Cllr John Doddy so eloquently voiced at last evenings Full Council meeting.
    Quite sure Cllr Doddy’s aspiration as it is indeed mine to press the County Council to offer any surplus monies post the new school build to be directed towards the Borough Council and its leisure facilities in Bramcote.
    As I have said on a number of occasions a ‘pay back’ for the loss of the Coventry Lane playing fields for development is of paramount importance to Bramcote residents. A new state of art new School Building with a separate entrance for Community use is very welcome but only part of our compensation demands for such loss.
    The post gives me the opportunity to thank once again Paul and the Forum for all their efforts over the last two years and excellent contributions not least to last weeks Part 2 Local Plan Examination before an Inspector on our behalf. ‘Thank You’


      1. Mr Carr ……. If you have seen the plans for a new leisure centre at Toton then please share your knowledge with us on his Forum. You are a County Councillor to represent this area so instead of cryptic retorts I think most Bramcote residents would appreciate some factual input. The Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum is working hard to press for funds for a new leisure centre at Bramcote on the basis of surplus funds being available after the development of the Coventry Lane playing fields to provide for a new school. Your post suggests that the Forum is wasting its time and that the ‘die has been cast’. Please can you elucidate?


    1. Martin, I am delighted you agree with me about the need to ring fence monies from the sale of publically owned land in Bramcote to fund replacement public infrastructure (school and leisure centre) in Bramcote that can benefit residents from much of south Broxtowe and beyond.
      It would be good to see county councillor and, I believe Bramcote resident, Richard Jackson agree with you and formally table such a suggestion at county council level.


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