Speeding on the A52

Cllr Martin Plackett reports on the very latest and positive (subject to budgetary approval) information from Highways England regarding Speed Monitoring devices on the  A52:-

Following the Bramcote CAT Meeting of the 3rd December I was asked to write to H E as follows:-

‘The decision to install speed monitoring devices along the A 52 between the Sherwin and Priory Islands was much welcomed but asked for clarification that the devices would be installed on BOTH incoming and out going Nottingham traffic lanes were planned?’

H E replied today 12th December 18.   

‘We intend to split into 3 enforced sections with entry and exit cameras at each end for BOTH directions of traffic.’  These will be:

1.   Priory Roundabout to Wollaton Road
2.   Wollaton Road to Thoresby Road
3.   Thoresby Road to Sherwin Roundabout

‘We’re also looking into the possibility of enforcing the bus lane  as we are aware of a significant number of contraventions and have received many complaints from residents.’

‘Final value for money assessments and feasibility is still ongoing so we can’t give a date for full design and construction as yet.  We’re hoping that works on the site will begin in the next financial year subject to budgets being approved and road space availability.’

Cllr Martin Plackett further responds.  ‘Having been personally responsible for submitting over 1100  Petition signatures of the 1600 total presented to Parliament by Anna Soubry M P  I am delighted by this news.’  ‘Not least as a fitting tribute to the late local Champion and good friend Tony Smith who coordinated the Campaign in 2016/17.’


  1. Well done Martin and a fitting tribute to Tony Smith. I am sure we will all remember him and raise a glass over Christmas.


  2. I spoke at length on this issue with Tony Smith. I liked him greatly. We were candidates together in the County Election in 2017.. Tony stood for the Conservatives and I stood for the LibDems. We got on very well and that is how it should be.
    I supported his efforts and I greatly appreciated them. The A52 goes straight through my previous patch of Beeston North and I delivered leaflets and sent letters to residents along the route. They sent in their petitions and letters in numbers.
    This was a non Party petition signed by people who wanted their neighbourhood to be safer. A plea, please can we keep it non partisan.


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