Safety Barrier on Town Street

Cllr Martin Plackett updates on the installation of the replacement safety barrier at the top of Town Street in Bramcote:-

‘Having been personally pressing the County Council for the barriers replacement for over a year I am delighted that County Cllr Steve Carr has received a response from the Council today indicating that the work will commence on Monday 11th February 19.    

Work which may take up to 5 weeks with appropriate Town Street road closure, exact detail to be confirmed’ 


  1. Well done Councillor Steve Carr. It is good to hear that a County Councillor is working hard and sharing information. Same can’t be said for the County Councillors who represent Stapleford.


  2. Whoopee woo, Town St. closed AGAIN.
    It seems that all the different agencies take it in turn to close it for the slightest of reasons.
    Can they not use contra flow and keep the road open?


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