Future Nottinghamshire: local government reorganisation in Nottinghamshire

Following the listening and engagement phase with the public and stakeholders, the County Council has published the Outline Case for Change for the future of local government in Nottinghamshire. County Councillors will consider the Outline Case for Change at Full Council on 13 December 2018.

Full details and supporting documents can be found here.

What does the Outline Case for Change cover?

The Outline Case for Change document [PDF] analyses the case for changing the structure of local government in Nottinghamshire.

The strengths and weaknesses of five options for the future shape of local government are analysed in the document, including retaining the status quo and three variations of two new unitary councils covering Nottinghamshire.

Based on work done so far, the report concludes that a single countywide unitary council is the preferred option. However, the case for this preferred option is not complete and a further period of refinement and consultation is considered the next appropriate step.

The externally verified financial modelling estimates that one unitary council for the whole of Nottinghamshire could deliver the greatest permanent financial savings of £27.1 million. Other options for two unitary councils deliver estimated permanent savings of £16.4 million.

The Outline Case for Change sets out potential significant benefits for Nottinghamshire if the aims outlined in the document are delivered. These aims include:

  • a stronger local voice for residents
  • a single strategic voice speaking up on behalf of the area
  • a more prosperous County
  • improved health and wellbeing for communities; and
  • better services with an improved customer experience.

What happens next?

If approved at the County Council meeting on 13 December 2018, formal consultation will take place in early 2019. The outcome from this work will be reported to another meeting of the County Council in Summer 2019.

Full details on how you could get involved in the consultation will be published here, if approved by councillors.


  1. Of course those savings sound good but I guess that most of those will come from people losing their jobs and then possibly relying on benefits to live. Does that hidden cost feature in the savings I wonder?


    1. A real cost-saving option which would retain better local accountability and accessibility to services is likely to be the removal of the county council and the decanting of its powers and responsibilities to the districts/boroughs.
      But Kay Cutts & Richard Jackson voting for that option is akin to turkeys voting for Christmas.


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