1. Will no-one contemplate/answer the questions about traffic, air pollution and infrastructure stress that have been raised repeatedly about this plan. Coventry Lane is already a traffic blackspot at rush hours.


    1. I totally agree with you Jane and with the development at Field Farm the roads will just be like a carpark.


      1. No I haven’t. I’ve been commenting on these posts on various websites and assumed that Councillors and planners, having posted the info, would respond to comments. Right, I shall try going direct.


  2. The examination of the Broxtowe Local Plan Part 2 began yesterday. Details are available here:

    The Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum statement to the hearing concludes by raising our concerns about the air quality and traffic congestion impacts of the enormous burden of housing that Bramcote and adjacent areas are being expected to bear.

    Our statement is here:

    Click to access statement-from-bramcote-neighbourhood-forum-a.pdf

    The hearing is taking place in the Town Hall in Beeston and will run daily today, tomorrow and Tuesday – Thursday next week. Public observers are welcome.

    I will try and email Forum members an update tonight – today’s matters are related to Housing.

    Paul Nathanail
    Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum


  3. I totally agree with the comments made and share the anxieties expressed.

    We must ensure the County Council in particular creates a road infrastructure minimising congestion at the same time ensuring for safety purposes speed restrictions are built into the Scheme. Much enhanced bus services and perhaps a small shopping prescient to reduce traffic as much as possible for me are essential. If we are to minimise pollution.
    Confident that our Neighbouthood Forum will be stressing our concerns not least the excessive number of houses proposed to the Insoectorate these next few days and likewise again with Bramcote Councillors to Broxtowe Planners when the scheme comes before the Planning Committee in due course.
    For me personally a ‘Pay Back’ for the lost of the Coventry Lane Greenbelt is of paramount importance. Yes a state of art new School building with Community access and facilities is good news, in addition however any surplus monies which MAY be available following the new School build some I will continue to press be directed towards Leisure facilities in Bramcote.


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